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@josh_wingrove @JenniferJJacobs And everyone should be spending their time usefully by watching the final episode of #westwingtv and #DesignatedSurvivor to see how a real President worked! #USPolitics #ImpeachmentDay #auspol

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Good morning from the White House. The president has no public events scheduled. Moving boxes are laid out near some offices, others are empty already and staff are taking goodbye photos.

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#TrumpTerrorists #ProudRats Reuters just broke the news that Enrique Tarrio has a history as a "prolific informer" for law enforcement. Proud Rat? Do his cellmates know this?

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Judge says they failed ‘to provide concrete’ justification for the ban.

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@JoyAnnReid @chrislhayes Difference— these “creatures” are #TrumpTerrorists and that is it. They must be dealt with.

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