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Quoted @Pokemon

The games.
The cards.
The series.
The memories.

Sometimes you start out catching Pokémon…but you end up catching feelings. 😉

We’re kicking off our 25th anniversary celebration with a walk down memory lane! Spot anything familiar?


Salamat sa lahat, sana meron parin hanggang sa huli #Pokemon25

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Check out @​URLTV on Caffeine! #caffeinetv #SMACKvolume7 #sweepstakes

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Chilla Jones smoked Shine 😔😔😔 #SMACKvolume7

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Aye @urltv aint no need to release that Roc vs Verb battle ya can go ahead and put that in the vault, cause that wasn't it 🤷‍♂️🙅‍♂️
#SMACKvolume7 #SmackVol7 #sm7

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Everytime I say out loud K Shine really just lost 30 it sounds so wrong #SMACKvolume7

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Let remember this day
Saturday January 23, 2021

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Check out @​URLTV on Caffeine! #caffeinetv #SMACKvolume7 #sweepstakes

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Nunu hate for Chilla is despicable... she gotta get over that prep battle #SMACKvolume7

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