there's a collab album for #Pokemon25 dropping in October this year. the lead single is Electric by Katy Perry. there will be a ton of promotion apparently. eleven artists, but that doesn't mean eleven tracks.

who do we think is gonna feature on this album?

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uhh i doubt theyโ€™d get Rita AGAIN but honestly i completely forgot about Arianaโ€™s Eevee tattoo. sheโ€™s THE biggest artist in the world alongside taylor and olivia rn so i wouldnโ€™t doubt that theyโ€™d try and get her.

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@hopelesspaopu I feel like Ariana maybe? She literally has Eevee tattooed on her arm so we know she's a fan. Also maybe Rita Ora since she was already in one of the movies and soundtracks and sounds pretty good with it.

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@parisinaugust okay i can see it. but is he a pokemon fan?? i doubt he would do smth like this if he wasn't a fan of the brand you know?

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@hopelesspaopu lauv ๐Ÿ˜

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