@LimitedRunGames #ForeverPhysical I never post on twitter anymore and rarely use it but DAMN IT THIS IS WORTH IT

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Want to win a K.O. Edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition? Of course you do.

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3. Reply with #ForeverPhysical

Winner drawn tomorrow. GLHF!

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I heard we are rising up. Who's trying to catch these flippers? #VTuberUprising

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Also hello!!!! to all people who are just discovering how large the indie VTuber scene is (thanks to #VTuberUprising) Please feel free to join us, send support, ask questions, etcetc but also be aware that if you want your own Live2D avatar it's a long, expensive endeavor 😅

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@Miss_Spira #VTuberUprising #transgender
I'm Levia, transgirl lesbian mermaid mama o/
I stream drawings and games, and I sometimes make gunpla videos. I have a collab stream 1.5 hours from now and a gunpla stream tonight at 9PM EST!

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It's a lot of fun to see everyone in the community banding together for #VTuberUprising

Is this world domination or just an uplifting trend? The answer is both.

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@JusagiSan Every single bit of this makes perfect sense to me. I was wondering for a bit if this was going to happen and seeing the #VTuberUprising my first thought was “there it is, it’s happening.” Honestly this just makes me feel like this group that’s here now started at the right time

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Hello!~ Is there any other vtuber model making windows programs that ghost can use? (ghost uses vroid atm)
#Vtuberuprising #Vtuber #VRoid

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ngl i don't care if he's a vtuber or not #VTuberUprising #ENVtuber #Vtuber

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