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Winner drawn tomorrow. GLHF!

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—> preferably no rts makes me anxious

—> deleting this in like an hour

—> i’m a BOY lol

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heere have some shitty photo i took, idk. im not prepared to be seen today #transmcyttwtselfieday

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Dear fellowers & twitters, plz support me in redbubble platform, i have more than 4 months without selling any product, can anybody buy even a sticker, plz support me plz. #MondayMotivation #transmcyttwtselfieday #SCOTUS #HBDtoIM #dimissioni #maraslı

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wow uh yeah
( he / she r cool but neos r more prefered )

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@cnnbrk What’s to “explore”? Printing presses seem to be running at full steam. Put a new pic on there and send them shits to us. #transmcyttwtselfieday #mondaythoughts

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Adfd6dyg I did this compulsively but yeah :)) (They/them) Also I dyed my hair so it's brown in the first pic agcdhvjvhv
[ #transmcyttwtselfieday]

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