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" tubbo, calm down. listen, hold my hand. hold my hand and when i yank it, we will run. "

he/him + neos , nonbinary
rts r ok

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i thought I'd do this too for the funs

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#transmcyttwtselfieday HII Iโ€™m bones Iโ€™m not comfortable with my face on the internet so I have my Minecraft skin ๐Ÿ‘
Pronouns- He/they

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hey #transmcyttwtselfieday :)
iโ€™m non-binary and i go by he/they pronouns + a few neopronouns
call me catboy

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Herd it was my time to shine.
He/they bitches #transmcyttwtselfieday

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#transmcyttwtselfieday we don't have to attach minecraft youtubers to a trans visibility thing we could just have regular trans visibility

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the merch and the owner (ยด โˆ€ ` *)

- #transmcyttwtselfieday [he/him]
- rts and stuff are cool :]

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