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#RudyGiuliani is having a bad month right now. New York State Bar Association moves to kick him out. Middlebury College is revoking his honorary degree and Dummy is not going to pay him for his legal services. Everything Dummy touches does indeed....DIE.

#RudyGiuliani GETS #STIFFED and not in a good way #wednesdaythought Funny how crooks think that their crook colleagues won’t screw them over. HOW has #RudyColludy not learned from #Trump previous performances of “I didn’t know him very well” #ArrestThemAllNow

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Since this week #Svengoolie had @RealMickFoley on for #ManMadeMonster, it's a pity he can't have #TheFabulousMoolah 🕷️👩 on next week for #EarthVsTheSpider. 🤔

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@SchreinerSue @MadmMonstrosity @musheen25 @chrishambyfilms @Aszneth @CatVictory @ProfessorFrenzy @ChrisAFilippone @2084_eric @doc_freak @Schlocktopus_1 @FiredStatWald @DoctorRhodes Thanks! Yes my signature look of my glasses on top of my head. Miss seeing #Svengoolie at @c2e2!

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Thanks @Svengoolie and your crew for the escape of awesome Universal films. Have a great week #svenpals, please stay safe and healthy. Nighty Nite! #Svengoolie

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"it's been a long time."
And Spock fails to jump in with the exact tally of years, months, days and hours? He is dumbstruck.

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@chrishambyfilms @MeTV Good night Chris & every1.. have a great week. Stay safe.

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Sven, looking forward to next week's "Earth Vs The Spider." Had fun at your show tonight! You're Twitter Trending now at a spectacular #8 Nationally. Thank you Svenfans for making this happen! #Svengoolie

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@disgruntmonkey @twoguns365 @c2e2 We can't wait to get back to conventions! Anyone who wants to make money in 2022....throw a real in-person convention! #Svengoolie #c2e2 #chicagoTARDIS

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