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 1 week ago

Do Americans support removing Pres. Trump from office?

@FiveThirtyEight is tracking it:

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@DornaldTrump @ABC @FiveThirtyEight In order for him to be barred from running again, he has to first get convicted by the senate

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 1 week ago

@ABC @FiveThirtyEight At this point I want him locked up let him finish the week then put him away and throw away the key

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 1 week ago

@ABC @FiveThirtyEight Impeachment has lost all meaning.

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@ABC @FiveThirtyEight Only the sane, normal people do.

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 1 week ago

@ABC @FiveThirtyEight YES!!!!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸

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 1 week ago

@ABC @FiveThirtyEight I don’t care about removing him from office, only barring him from public office ever again.

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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago
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Me going to bed knowing as our moon falls #dogecoin rises

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I just invested $600 more into DogeCoin in anticipation of a possible Elon Musk tweet about it when he wakes up this morning.

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@slutparadise @Peter_NUFC @LILUZIVERT Compare it with $AMC! AMC was at the same price and now it valued $20 and is going 🚀🚀🚀


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