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 1 week ago

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked transcript shows NY church’s attempt to block Child Victims Act.

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@Avatar_AangTN @ABC I agree, but religion is far older than medieval.

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@EddyGThatNJBoi @ABC True, in the meantime they need to be held accountable in the realm of humans.

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@ABC Sus

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 1 week ago

@ABC He looks like he's having a wild dream of little boys playing around on his playpen. They are going to have to answer to God when their time comes.

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 1 week ago

@ABC Religion is so medieval, we are in 2021 people Science and Rational thinking is the answer.

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 1 week ago

@ABC Not shocking.

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@ABC The Pope needs to replace Cardinal Dolan

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@ABC This is the reason I left the catholic church. Lies and cover up. It's disgusting.

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“someone just said go white boy go”

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felt cute, might sldetet later

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