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 1 week ago

With a growing number of Americans now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, many are experiencing long lines, broken websites and confusion about signing up.

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@ABC I've seen this locally. Either organizations have good systems for delivering vaccinations and no vaccine . . . Or they have vaccine and no system.

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@ABC “Stand back. Stand down.”

Blame Trump.

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 1 week ago

@ABC Only line I care about is the buffet line

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@elonmusk hey Elon ! Love what you are doing ! Also umm I’ve always wanted a #TESLA and now that I’m going to be a father i really want one! Can you send me one? That’ll be awesome if you could!!! Also #dogecoin

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@POTUS @POTUS Time to jump on the #dogecoin train!

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#dogecoin $DOGE could replace everything as store of value @elonmusk says.

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@divine_socal How much #dogecoin you have ?

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Así es como Israel robó la tierra de los palestinos...
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#Dogecoinarmy #stonks #Dogecointo1dolar #DOGE #dogecoin #feedthepeople #Trending #Crypto The crypto saga continues $DOGE !!!!

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Hey @elonmusk, wouldn't it be good if #dogecoin reached $1 and we all bought #cybertrucks!! Just saying...

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