Light at the end of the tunnel ⁦@The_VQ_Cork⁩ ⁦@Shelbournebar⁩ #hopeonthestreet

Light at the end of the tunnel ⁦@The_VQ_Cork⁩ ⁦@Shelbournebar#hopeonthestreet

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@PhilipGillivan @The_VQ_Cork @Shelbournebar Lovely picture, Philip. I hope everyone @Shelbournebar is doing ok.

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@jgalvin Profile picture James Galvin


 1 week ago

@PhilipGillivan @The_VQ_Cork @Shelbournebar First time in a few weeks I’ve seen it without people leaving the car in left lane to go pickup takeaways or do some work on the the construction site

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@sergiotheexpert @TiffanyDCross we see you Sergio, & we like what we see...don’t forget about us big girls now...we spend lots of $$$$on fashion...Thanks Tiffany for having him on your show #InaugurationDay #MichelleObama #SaturdayVibes #lewk #talented #fashion #CrossConnection

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About those "Our Time" dating site for "over 50" commercials -
👉Why do the women look like attractive, young 40-somethings -
And yet -
👉The men are chubby, forgettable looking average Joes?

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#CrossConnection Wonder if @KatonDawson includes ignoring medical experts on #Covid & making wearing masks a political issue, making states fight to get #PPE, forgetting to create a Distribution Plan for the vaccine, in his "Move on to our successes" list. Hoping we'll forget

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#CrossConnection Agree with Tiffany. Show flew by today! #CrossTalk See you all next week! (Or tomorrow for #TheSundayShow) Take care, all. Hoping you each run into an unexpected bit of kindness this week.

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@TiffanyDCross Isn’t giving republicans a chance to yada yada away the racism of the GOP. Katon Dawson seemed like he knew where his pivot should go, but couldn’t get it out bc she talked over him every time he tried w that BS. #CrossConnection

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@DramAntics @TiffanyDCross @MSNBC @CrossConnection This is what I look forward to each Saturday morning. The #crossconnection @TiffanyDCross meets viewers where they're at. It's engaging and relatable. She is so genuine and gives us that #BlackGirlMagic. Her guests better come ready because she stays ready. #FactsMatter

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@WiseGuyEddie I'm glad he didn't ask Dr. Birx to stay her and her scarves lied for Trump and came with some bs about millennials were going to save us from the virus when instead they were having Covid parties.

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