Trump appointee at U.S. foreign aid agency out of job after minimizing Capitol riot

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost The bigger question is how long will melania hang around when he’s broke

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost My god, these people are terrible with numbers. He's the type behind the jelly bean test for voting, but can't tell the difference between 30,000 and a few million people.

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Now that the spotlight is on, the rats are scurrying. Sounds like being an apologist for sedition was not a brilliant career move.

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@washingtonpost Seems like a petty offense, what was he supposed to do go full screen?

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 1 week ago

@washingtonpost Wait...wut?

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@washingtonpost Haven't seen Kayleigh since the day after. Does she still have insurrection hair?

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A cross-section of Nigeria’s ex-internationals on Thursday mourned the demise of Joe Erico, a former Green Eagles goalkeeper, describing him as a mentor who lived a life worthy of emulation

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From 1972 to 2020...

In #America 🇺🇸: 13 Presidents.

In #Syria 🇸🇾: ASSAD Dynasty. (Hereditary Presidency).

#America 🇺🇸 is beautiful ❤️ & is the definition of AWESOMENESS!

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- Anti-Biden Antifa Attacks In Portland
- FBI: Foreign Power Gave Money to Clinton in 2016
- Biden Embraces Communist Idea of ‘Racial Equity’
- Amazon Waits Until Biden Sworn In to Help with COVID

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🥳🇺🇸 #thursdaymorning

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