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 4 days ago
And stretch 💪💪 And stretch 💪💪 And stretch 💪💪

And stretch 💪💪

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@Sadio10iii @LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 🙄.

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 4 days ago

@LoCeslogoat @LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Self prophecy

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 4 days ago

@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Yeah they’re not gonna do the same for the transfer window deadline

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 4 days ago

@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Help us stretch our lead at the top on Sunday

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 4 days ago

@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 dont care sign a CB

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 4 days ago
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@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Stretch it stretch it

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Well, bye bye energy independence and hello sky high gas prices. Democrats are handing over our energy dependence to foreign nations again. Sigh. We never learn. We never ever learn.

#MondayMorning #GoodMonday #WayTooEarly

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So, are we just going to ignore the elephant in the room.....the insanity of liberal behavior for the past five years or so?

#MondayMorning #WayTooEarly

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#AfterTrump #MondayMorning Good Monday #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter #waytooearly #DrewBrees Pep Guardiola #Ronaldo Fenerbahce #ThankU #IRENE #TVXQ youngjae namjoon #Fiverr

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#waytooearly to go back to the gym

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#waytooearly to wonder why “patriots” were rummaging through @SenTedCruz’s desk instead of going for the honey pot.

Those in the know are aware that @SenToomey has control of the candy desk.

If you’re gonna do hard time at least score some candy.

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@AmericaNewsroom @brithume @mercedesschlapp @ChristopherHahn @SecAzar @HaroldFordJr @CharlesHurt @HowardKurtz @AriFleischer @donnabrazile @gen_jackkeane @HARRISFAULKNER @DavidAsmanfox @marthamaccallum @BillHemmer @DanaPerino Rudy Guliani, witness or co-conspirator? It's #waytooearly to judge. Burn After Reading, Nancy Pelosi's laptop stolen during unrest. Cowboys for Trump founder arrested. Keystone XL pipe to be cx by Biden. Obnoxious Peace, Birmingham Jail. Snowden, Assange whistleblower. talk.

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