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 1 week ago

🤔 How well do you know Rob Holding and his Arsenal career?

🤓 Take on our quiz - and let us know how you get on 👇

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 1 week ago

@warsamefooty @Arsenal Stop crying

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 1 week ago

@ThfcJack1234 @Arsenal Bro you’ve been tweeting nonstop since this morning how bored are you

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 1 week ago

@Heikki29 @Arsenal You did lie, smallest club is spurs

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 1 week ago

@Arsenal I only know that he didn't cost 55 million

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@Arsenal I appreciate him

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 1 week ago

@Arsenal announce rui silva

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@Arsenal just there

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 1 week ago

@Arsenal Please stop this

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 1 week ago

@Arsenal I’m Shaking rn. My 1 year old son just said his first words. He said “Is it true that Man United are the smallest club in EPL”, and I said “Yes son”. I couldn’t lie to him. It was one of the realest moments of my life.

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Metto una mia foto solo per te, perché meriti questo ed altro.💙

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#lovelylouies son todas bombas sexuales nunca más muestro la jeta

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Okay but #lovelylouies is the best trend I’ve ever seen, THE POSITIVITY I LOVE IT. Should I post mine?👹

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todas las que hacen el #lovelylouies son fucking hermosas
y luego:

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