"Não tomarei a vacina... Mas coloca aí Cem anos de sigilo no meu cartão de vacina. Sabe como é... Bom... É isso!

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@marceloadamii Profile picture O T É O


 1 week ago

@diguinhocoruja Ah, vai te catar! E enfia essa vacina na bunda. 💉

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@Victorsilvared @diguinhocoruja HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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@diguinhocoruja O 2º turno em 22 será Bolsonaro x Lula, pois o ex-Presidente vai ser liberado para ser candidato, em decorrência da suspeição do Moro, nos processos que ele tá envolvido.

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@lepoetbr Profile picture Aligenigêna


 1 week ago

@diguinhocoruja vou pedir pra por sigilo na minha comanda la no café photo hihi

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@caiomanolo Profile picture Caio César


 1 week ago

@diguinhocoruja É isso mesmo Diguinho!!! Esse cara é um populista sacana que só fala e faz bobagens!!! Igualzinho aquele que ele tanto despreza e fala mal!!!

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@diguinhocoruja "Dá pra pinto, mas que foi toco, foi".

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@diguinhocoruja Sigilo nos gastos, nos exames médicos, carteira de vacinação...não tem transparência pq não tem palavra

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Rolex jojo
#ًRadicalLeftistAgenda #ُUSWNT #ُFreeStuffFriday #ُIStandWithKrystina #ُStayVulnerable #َItsASin #ٍmymassiveweek #ًYorubaWorshipCH #َFSGOUT #ٍBBAA #ُLeafsForever #ًcongoleseloveisland #ٍHankAaron #ٍGenesis04 #ًPingsizBirTürkiye #ٍالبرد_يبي_حبيبه #ُصورتك_وانت_صغير

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If you read any of her tweets and feel like she's attacking you, it's your guilty conscience talking to you. I'm not saying you're overtly racist or even a bad person; we all make mistakes and have room to grow. Pause and think about why you're offended.


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Gonna report and block any accounts hating on Krystina rn, her SW show hasn't even premiered yet and shes already getting racist online attacks. Sickening.

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Disney/Lucasfilm your supportive words regarding the BLM movement are as good as nothing if you don't actively protect your black and female employees from the alt-right fanboys who target and harass your creators on the basis of gender and skin colour #istandwithkrystina

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Will Lucasfilm denounce the bigots from the fandom? They should, but probably won't. Just look at their actions in the past few years. LF love to pretend they didn't see it. #IStandWithKrystina

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Sending love to @KrystinaArielle for continuing to say all the things we all know are true.


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Oppressed people don't criticize those in power without reason. #IStandWithKrystina because she is unafraid to speak up and use her platform to spread awareness for very real and important issues.

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