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@JustSambil @Theamelia15 @Rubiu5 hola t amo ⁽⁽ଘ( ΛŠα΅•Λ‹ )ଓ⁾⁾

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@Theamelia15 @Rubiu5 Rubius Is Kawaii

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@Theamelia15 @Rubiu5 Mi amor, te saliΓ³ perfecto. Todo mi amor hacia ti y al rubius

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@Theamelia15 @Rubiu5 ME ENCANTA

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@013Kiwi aaaawww
muchas gracias! <3

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@Theamelia15 @Rubiu5 Buah enserio amo tus dibujos, mucho mΓ‘s cuando dibujas a rubius, te sale bellΓ­simo. Definitivamente eres mi artista favorita <3

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#thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts Listen to the PODCAST that helps couples make it! WHATB HEALTHY COUPLES KNOW THAT YOU DON'T #ThursdayMotivation

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β€œControl Z, Control Z, Control Z” - President Biden getting to work. #celebratingamerica

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β€œGrab his dick and twist it!
Rrraaaawww DICK TWIST!!”


I’ve watched this eleventy million times and it keeps getting funnier and funnier πŸ˜‚


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It’s a new dawn. A new day. A new way forward for most. So thankful we get to enjoy it! #thursdaymorning #ThankfulThursday

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Beautiful sunrise to start this new chapter in out country's history! #thursdaymorning #Boston

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Good morning Twitterverse!
Can you feel it?
Can you sense it?
It's called hope
@POTUS hit the ground running yesterday & probably accomplished more in 1 day than the recently departed squatter did in 4 years!

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She's happy cat ❀️
Dunno what I'd do without my cats, I guess would probably be a boring life πŸ’€

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