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 2 weeks ago

Replying to @himerosgaga: @ParisHilton queen of mars 💖

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@ParisHilton queen of mars 💖

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Alexa wins tonight.

Charlotte/Asuka lose on Sunday

Charlotte wins the rumble.

Alexa vs Charlotte at mania. Watch. #WWERAW

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Bliss and Charlotte are sold out @WWEBigE and @MontezFordWWE @AngeloDawkins are still available as of now. These usually all sellout really fast. Get them if you want. #WWERaw #RoyalRumble @view_raw

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if I can't win the gauntlet on wwe 2k battlegrounds then this rat better not win this gauntlet either #WWERaw

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Is this considered 3 separate matches for Riddle? Because that would only tie the record tonight #WWERaw

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Vámonos al siguiente combate, Riddle VS Shelton Benjamin #wwe #wweraw

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So I guess gauntlet matches against the Hurt Business are the new laziest way to book Matt Riddle to the IC title, right?? #WWERaw

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Benjamin still great #WWERAW

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