Simon Says everyone needs a robot like Nao! @ChildrensPhila

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 1 week ago

@RyanSeacrest @RyanFoundation @ChildrensPhila Thanks dear Ryan. Looking forward to our next meeting with the children at the hospital!

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 2 weeks ago

@RyanFoundation @RyanSeacrest thank you for making patients n health care workers feel loved ❤️❤️ making bone broth while i listen

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@RyanFoundation @ChildrensPhila Our friendly studio robot Nao. He’s pretty competitive but the kids are always up for a good challenge! @ChildrensPhila #SeacrestStudios

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Any scene and episode with little of Mary Cosby makes me want her more 😍 #RHOSLC

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On season 2 of #RHOSLC, Jen is going to be so far up my Mary M. Cosby’s 🍑. And she’s going to try to pit her against sweet Lisa and Meredith. 😡 #RHOSLC

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Yeah Meredith and Lisa are able to forgive Whitney because they are grown women who can accept an apology #RHOSLC

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Lisameridith both still look like Kyle to me though #RHOSLC

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Jen saw this going another way. #RHOSLC

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The way Jen acted seemed really ridiculous until you remember she recently lost her dad. Anyone who's lost a close loved one will tell you, when that happens,you get REALLY angry. Like furious almost all of the time. This was not the time for Jen to be on a reality show. #RHOSLC

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Jen Shah needs to go #RHOSLC

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