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 2 months ago

And here’s one that is more anecdotal.

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 2 months ago

@BarackObama I ask all of you, to identify the real criminals in this image...

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@BarackObama The events at the Capitol are worse than anything perpetrated by BLM, and even comparing the two groups is ludicrous.

Over 70% of domestic terrorism in this country is committed by right wing extremists

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@BarackObama "We don't ask you to believe in our ability to bring change, rather, we ask you to believe in yours."

- Barack Obama

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@BarackObama Trump is the bad kid in class, a bunch of kids thought he was great, and would cheer on his defiance towards the teacher. Now, they went too far, and they are all suspended... that's pretty much what happened, except switch it to adults

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 2 months ago

@BarackObama Disgusting!

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@BarackObama I really really really really hope they are going to take super extra precautions for Biden's inauguration because I don't trust these people. I am even thinking he might want to have an indoors ceremony.

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@BarackObama Thank you for your continued leadership. We need patriots now.

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 2 months ago

And here’s a look back at the response to last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests.

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 2 months ago

For those who are wondering why so much attention has been focused on the response of the Capitol Police to the Trump-inspired riots, here’s a data-driven article that provides some useful frame of reference.

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Gender equality should be something obvious in the 21st century!! What Burger King (or what was trending today as "Burger Queen") tweeted is shameful!! Everyone should be angry, specially that they tweeted this on the #IWD21! But thank god they realised they did a mistake!!!

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Easter Time is coming! Do You Want to Make Your Child Happy

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This thread!


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¿Qué me copiaste en tí,
que cuando falta en mí
la imagen de la cima,
corro a mirarme en tí?
- Juan Ramon Jimenez
#IWD21 #InternationalWomensDay

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50 CEO appointments in the #ASX in the past year, only two were women says @Nicwe, there is an issue with pipeline and access #IWD #IWD21 #womeninproperty

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Just participated in a great panel for @bcit to celebrate #IWD21. Talking culture, change, how what we do matters, and how we don't need to be nice.

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