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First day back to work and @SlackHQ has been down all morning... I’m questioning the start of 2021!

Guess we're back to using AIM

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@RyanSeacrest This just highlights our reliance on technology and our expectations of it. I'm actually still getting my head around the number of FM stations in Los Angeles compared to Australia, and the how low powered the transmitters are!. No wonder such a big on-line streaming presence!.

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 3 weeks ago

@RyanSeacrest having TCCC -

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@RyanSeacrest Hi Ryan!

Do you have a favourite cheese?

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When I tell you I am over these weddings. Thank goodness this is the last one.
#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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Some of those #mafs couples have no black friends. Do you think it’s more common for black couples to have white friends or the other way around?

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Chris is a trainwreck. #MAFS

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How are we on WEEK 3 and still haven’t completed the weddings?!

#mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

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“i’m not giving up ANY of my dogs.”

SIR! how many dogs do you have??? #mafs

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This Chris and Paige relationship is about to be a shit show #MAFS

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You guys, Chris doesn’t want a “gold digger.” However, he doesn’t want a boss neither. He wants a trophy who is just getting by. Doing just enough. He doesn’t want his wife surpassing him professionally and financially. I promise you this. He might resent Paige. #mafs

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