Thank you @FLOTUS for your continued leadership on child welfare and foster care, and for backing our bipartisan bill to help foster youth and families get through the coronavirus crisis and build a stronger, more stable future.

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@lindiwesuttle @RepWalorski @FLOTUS Lmaooo righttt ole washed up used slut

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 3 weeks ago

@RepWalorski @FLOTUS Dear Rep Walorski, thank you for your excellent example of denial of reality and exactly how sycophants do it pandemic or not!

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 3 weeks ago

@RepWalorski @FLOTUS I thank You best wonen.

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@RepWalorski @FLOTUS Just don't ask her about Christmas ...

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@StephenKing "Hell no", said every current cocktail waitress in Tampa. #ByeKayleigh #ByeFelicia #LiarInChief #unemployable

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@ABC Yes it was a great honor. One that none of this family, including her, accepted with any grace, duty, or respect. #ByeFelicia

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Trump never WAS a president.

He was a corrupt criminal, a racist, a pathological liar, a scheming traitor with multiple psychiatric disorders.

#TrumpsLastDay #BidenHarrisInauguration #ByeFelicia Dr. Levine Yellin Feinstein Trump Presidency Ashley Biden One Day More

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@GEMS_Number1 #CMScares4u @PSA_Union @OWNTV
@PresidencyZA #GEMS
@Netwerk24 @news24
#Section59Investigation #Covid19SA #ByeFelicia
#Medscheme #RacialProfiling #lockdown #DStvPrem

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Happy #TrumpsLastDay, folks! How y’all feeling out there? #ByeFelicia

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@SecPompeo Mr. Klansman, just say People of Color aren’t welcome, interracial relationships are gross, that you miss the days of Segregation and White Supremacy. Luckily, your Jim Crow Caucasus is a walking dinosaur #ByeFelicia! 🙋🏽‍♂️

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