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 1 month ago
Replying to @Pharrell: #HappyHour. @Drinkchamps TONIGHT at 10pm ET @revolttv

Replying to @Pharrell: #HappyHour. @Drinkchamps TONIGHT at 10pm ET @revolttv

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#HappyHour. @Drinkchamps TONIGHT at 10pm ET @revolttv

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#blog #TrumpsLastDay #tuesdayvibe #ByeFelicia

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Move along Birther lady. #ByeFelicia

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We’re less than 24 hours away!!! #TrumpsLastDay #ByeFelicia

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Proud to live in a multicultural household, a multicultural city and, I'm pretty sure, a multicultural country. #ByeFelicia to Sec. Pompeo

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It’s the last full day of Trump. Enjoy @RandyRainbow grand finale. You kept me sane Randy. Thank you for being you. #ByeFelicia #TrumpsLastDay

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