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 1 month ago
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@paulocoelho Querido Paulo, gostaria muito de falar com o senhor! Queria muito que entrasse em contato comigo. Eu tenho fé que o senhor vai ler essa mensagem!

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 2 weeks ago

@paulocoelho I am sorry paa if I have ever hurt you . Please communicate with me

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 3 weeks ago

@paulocoelho por qué bloqueaste a la sailor

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@paulocoelho Necesitamos a sailorfag

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@paulocoelho Hay!!! I am a stupid student and a stubborn dreamer from india,,,,,
I have learned a lot more from paulo coelho,,,,, i wnna give a great thanks to give me the amazing understanding of how this universe and its languages works,

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 1 month ago

@paulocoelho Egypt egypt u must visit egypt

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@paulocoelho Same thoughts about @asgarhid after seeing recipes Pictures

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If you or anyone you know could help it would truly mean the world to me. I can't live without her and we need help, as much as we can get. Now more than ever we need this help. Please. She's lost her will to keep going and I want to do all I can.

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 1 month ago

@paulocoelho I really need to read it

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These days my mother has been in the worst state I've ever seen. She's not herself anymore, she's lost her will to continue and I don't know how much longer I have with her. We're struggling to pay for the treatments she needs. Please help us spread the GoFundMe page, please.

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“Someone just said go white boy go.”

-> rts are pog!!
-> #quacktwtselfieday

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If any of yall yt stans make mexican dream jokes im beating u with a baseball bat

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--hey guys, i will be participating in so many selfie days now
---also my glasses gave me a headache so yea <3
----third times the charm
------ #quacktwtselfieday
-------rts are poggers

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~hey guys i need to take more pics, i keep using old ones hehe
~retweets are pog 🥴<3

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netherite that’s the way to go.. #QUACKTWTSELFIEDAY POG (don’t think anyone will see this but rts are fine)

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