One of @DarinOlien's main passions is working towards holistic solutions, which is why he's SO excited to bring you along on the Down to Earth team's adventure's! Together with him and @ZacEfron you'll explore a variety of environmental impact stories from around the world.

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@optavia4life Profile picture cobra kai


 6 months ago

@zacdowntoearth @ZacEfron @DarinOlien One of the coolest shows I’ve seen in a while. I hope the USA wakes up and sees what other countries are doing to lead by example. Thank you @ZacEfron for dropping some knowledge on us.

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@zacdowntoearth @ZacEfron @DarinOlien I have been binging on this series and learning so much from it. Thank you for putting it together and sharing your amazing journey. It is incredible watching @ZacEfron transform and learn as we all watch the show.
Thank you again. I can't wait to listen to @DarinOlien !!

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@mikiEDCgal @ZacEfron @DarinOlien You could sign up to win the Grand Prize to travel like Zac.

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@MikiMikMiki16 Profile picture Miki M


 6 months ago

@zacdowntoearth @ZacEfron @DarinOlien So, an idea! Please tell me I can buy a workbook or guide for each episode!! I grabbed a journal & have been taking notes. Thank you for expanding my awareness! #Sustainability #takingnotes #ineedtotravelmore

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@TSLATNA Profile picture Nancy_I_O_S 🪐


 6 months ago

@zacdowntoearth @DarinOlien @ZacEfron This is amazing! Thank you for sharing your experiences ☀️ Loved & enjoyed every single adventure 🥰Let’s hope everyone does their part to keep our planet clean & sustainable ☺️💚 Mother Nature is sending messages & we are ignoring them. Together We Can Make It Work ✌🏻

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@Kathybflores2 @zacdowntoearth @ZacEfron @DarinOlien And the Costa Rica one???? I almost got out the suitcase and bought a 1-way ticket!!! Soooo good.

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@Kathybflores2 Profile picture Kathy Flores


 6 months ago

@zacdowntoearth @ZacEfron @DarinOlien I have spent my Sunday watching this series. I thought the Sardinia episode was my favorite but the Puerto Rico episode whew wee got me. Such an informative, entertaining and heart felt series. Sooo great!!

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@zacdowntoearth @ZacEfron @DarinOlien Hi Zac how r u can u go to ⛪ in los Angeles where my new friend Justin Hansen has a brother out there as a pastor i want u to become a Christian

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@zacdowntoearth @DarinOlien @ZacEfron Great energy between Zac and Darin.👏
I feel like I'm watching Cheech and Chong!🤣
Jokes aside... informational, inspirational and educational. Thank you!🙏🌎

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@GirlWhoPaints Profile picture Shel


 6 months ago

@zacdowntoearth @DarinOlien @ZacEfron I am just mesmerized. So much heart and lessons with out being condescending to what people may not be aware of. Gem!

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آنچه دربغداد رخ داد،گواهی این است که تروریست‌ها به دنبال بی‌ثباتی وهدف قراردادن امنیت جمعی عراق هستند..

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After the ceremonies of the past few days, let's all focus not on fighting the old but building the new. #thursdaythoughts #thursdaymotivation

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Right now, if had to choose, my choice for 2024 is Governor Ron DeSantis for President.

#ThursdayMotivation Ted Cruz #ThursdayMorning #ThursdayThoughts

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@asharamjibapu_ जिसने एक बार गुरु को संतुष्ट कर लिया,
उसे फिर किसीको रिझाना बाकी नहीं रहता,
कहीं जाना बाकी नहीं रहता,
गुरु ऐसे तत्त्व में उसे जगा देते हैं ।

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Just. Keep. Going.

Final mile transportation doesn't have to be intimidating. Let the Dallas and Fort Worth Couriers at Eagle handle the last step.

#ThursdayThoughts #Transportation

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जब परमात्मा का सुमरिन और मन्त्र जाप करने के समय या परमात्मा की चर्चा और महिमा करने व सुनने पर यदि आंखों से आंसू बहने लगे तो समझो कि पाप कर्म कट रहे है।
अवश्य देखें साधना टीवी शाम 7:30 से।

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