Acontece nos EUA, acontece no Brasil.

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@joaorangeo @BolsonaroSP Defina fascismo professor.

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@al3xandr3_10 Profile picture Alexandre


 7 months ago

@BolsonaroSP Vc é um lixo

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@BolsonaroSP Morte sistemática de negros pela polícia?

Vdd, cabeça de 🥝. Nessa aí vc acertou.

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 7 months ago

@BolsonaroSP Bolsonaro sempre meu irmão! Abraço aqui da cidade de Dois Irmãos -RS.

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 7 months ago

@BolsonaroSP sim ambos tem um presidente babaca

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Until Johnston and Komarov are permanently removed from the lineup, and Wahlstrom and Timashov are given a chance, B*rry Tr*tz and L*u Lamor**llo shall be known as They Who Shall Not Be Named in this household #Isles

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It was worse then I could ever have imagined #isles

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#isles maybe it still the injuries, but Casey looks pretty average. The 4th line has a few sparks but frankly not looking the same. We might just have gotten super old all at once.

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I never want to see MDC or Komarov in an #isles jersey again.

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#NYI #isles I think they are doing their best, problem is most of this lineup is just not going to give them the scoring & it's hardly a secret. At Covid Cup Martin had 5 goals, Brassard clutch goals, Green, Beauviller gets hot, but this even in this joke ssn it's not enough.

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Leo Komarov is the only NHLer to be born in Estonia, yet if Estonia ever fielded an Olympic ice hockey team, I bet he wouldn't make the roster... #Isles

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@DonaldBlake1 Fuck that i want the “ on the ice guy “”who produces.. paying a coack 5 mill a year he better coach these guys to make then a locker room guy. Tired of thes bull shit Cliché. #isles

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