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@josh_wingrove @JenniferJJacobs And everyone should be spending their time usefully by watching the final episode of #westwingtv and #DesignatedSurvivor to see how a real President worked! #USPolitics #ImpeachmentDay #auspol

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@C_GraceT #WestWingTV "The Black Vera Wang" vibes...

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I love Charlie! 🥺🥺 #WestWing #WestWingTV

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Is EVERYBODY at the Hoover Institute terrible? Or just MANY of them?

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I bet CJ Cregg from #WestWingTV has something to say about this! Poor Pluie and her pack! What say you @AllisonBJanney @RealAaronSorkin? #PresidentBartlet4Ever #SavePluie #EnvironmentalJustice #Justice4Pluie #Justice4Wolves #savetheplanet #CJsTheJackal #CJCregg4President

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Gray wolves will no longer receive federal protection in the U.S., officials announced, despite significant concerns raised by scientists who performed the independent review that is required before a species can be delisted.

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Watching #WestWingTV for the umpteenth-millionth time. I want #JedBartlet. I miss @BradleyWhitford as Josh. I miss when the @whitehouse was actually smart & portrayed as smart. My ♥️ hurts for our country when I have more faith in fictional characters than the criminals in office

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Watching #WestWingTV show (with Martin Sheen) to help calm me

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THE MOST ROMANTIC GESTURE ON TELEVISION. Gold fish🐠for CJ Craig from Danny. #westwingtv #goldfish #smarttv #romance

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#UnfitForOffice this is not normal. Trump admin has had so many #WestWingTV lessons handed to them and messed up every one- and now again. Something is physically altered with him likely due to something mentally deteriorating or a straight up stroke and they’ve been hiding it.

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Trump appears to be dragging his right leg around in this clip from his visit to a lab in North Carolina on Monday

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Every time I get disillusioned with our government, I turn on West Wing. #bartlettforpresident #westwingtv

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2/2 them relatableto this one time Republican and started my exodus from that now completely corrupted party to the left-leaning Libertarian I am today. Thank you so much for helping open my eyes to the wider world. #westwingtv #TheLincolnProject #weneedchange

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Just finished another binge of West Wing. Always amazing!! Swear watching that show every now and then is good for the soul. @BradleyWhitford @Richard_Schiff you’re probably sick of hearing it but what an unbelievable thing to have in your back catalogue. #westwingtv #whatsnext

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I’ve watched so much West Wing on Netflix that I’ve now completed a music analysis of the theme song. There are six suspended chords (courtesy of the French horns) within the ~44 second theme song. #Netflix #westwing #westwingtv #jedbartlett #music #tv #frenchhorn #Soundtrack

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So season one is done....what a fecking cliff hanger!
I start work in about an hour and have to start season two coz I need to know!!!!!
totally blaming @adamfergus if I'm late for work!

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@BBCWorld @CNN @cnni @WPTV @pbpost @TheDemocrats so who is left to advise the president on int'l relations, foreign policy, proportional responses?

Where's #LeoMcGarry when you need him? @nbc #WestWingTV

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Reminder that as this crisis escalates, we have no Director of National Intelligence, no Dep Dir, no Homeland Security Secretary, no Dep Sec, no head of CBP or ICE, no State Dept Under Sec of Arms Control, no Asst Sec for Europe, and no Navy Sec.

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@RobertKazinsky It's sublime. Watched it when we had babies and it kept me sane through the late nights. Its now beomce a carrot on a stick, I can't wait until the kids are grown up & I'll treat myself with the time to binge the whole thing all over again 🥰 #WestWingTV

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@DuleHill flirting with @itsgabrielleu in the West Wing. When things were right in the White House. #bartlettadministration #bartlettforamerica #westwingtv

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Happy Birthday @FriendsTV #westwingtv @veronicamars and so many more! #ilovetv

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From #Friends & #FullHouse to #VeronicaMars & #Lost, there's something about September 22...

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Perhaps the new #NationalSecurityAdvisor should be Nancy McNally or Kate Harper!!
Let's face it fictional characters will do a better job than anyone in Trump administration.
#westwingtv @WestWingWeekly

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Can I be CJ Cregg when I grow up? #westwingtv

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Which reminds me. Where is our #WestWingTV reboot? I can only rewatch so many times.

Okay, that’s not true. I can rewatch forever.

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@Julio_Rosas11 @JoeBiden Sam does it better in #WestWingTV.
Biden dropped out in 1988 for plagiarism. It's time for him to drop out in 2019 for plagiarism again.

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@DesignatedNFLX disappointed! We loved that our family could watch it when it was on tv.@netflix why MA rating and language? Designated fans thought you understand us. Too much new content on your platform is MA ... Smart television doesn't have to be *$#!? #westwingtv

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"Decisions are made by those that show up." #WestWingTV Rewind.

Apathy and Complacency are going to be the end of us

🗳️ #WeMustVote 💙

@WhenWeAllVote @AMarch4OurLives @RockTheVote

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Is he related to Debbie Fitterer? #WestWingTV

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UPDATE: We have completed an interview with Seattle’s Scott Fitterer for our GM vacancy.


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What with all the rain and political controversy, reminds me of “Two Cathedrals” in the #westwingtv. Half expect #TheresaMay to open Brexit debate by walking into parliament rain-sodden and to the strains of Brothers in Arms...

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A co worker told me to watch the #westwingtv show. I been hood ever since i started it. #tv

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If you watched #WestWingTV
the 'sense of duty' message in this basement office scene is prescient art; waiting for life to imitate with @MittRomney ...in November assigned a temporary office in the basement himself
💖Ainsley Hayes💖

Cc @BiondoLia

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i cannot
get ahold of
my parents,
Martin and Janet Sheen.

are in the
group, at the
staging ground
near Zuma Beach.

has eyes on
please let me
know that they
are safe and sound
in the middle of
this horrific scenario.

thank you
in advance.


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Well it's no steam trunk distribution venue but it will do
#WestWingTV @JoshuaMalina

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Always good to talk to @maddow, even from a utility closet.

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I know most want Sam but, I'd love to see Charlie as President. #WestWing #WestWingTV

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