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@bglendenning Imagine @maxrushden pub dancing if we actually win it #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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@Calzaghie23 @thepaulwilliams Not sure our selected midfield are known for their distribution skill sets but I remain hopeful #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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All we need now is for Southgate to promise not to play 5 at the back and it could turn into an epic summer!

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Glad I got to see them live and looking forward to the reunion rumors #itsthehopethatkillsyou #daftpunk

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Thinking of petitioning for fans at sport to be moved back to June, just in case #ecfc make the playoffs #ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou

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@CallMeStat I do remember mid 2000s we won there i think 5-2 lee scored a couple #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Gonna need to win them all. #coys #thfc #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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A lot of optimism out there today. Although I feel a new, more fitting motto we should take on is “Spes Ejus Est Quod Te Interimet.” #itsthehopethatkillsyou #LIVEVE

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@edbrown9 @pauljones328 those days Edward the long road down to the capital and oh oh oh that even longer road home #ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou

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@benjwinstanley @Jonefc007 And we all know its gonna happen.. Even so... #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Fucking horrendous!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬
# #EFC #EVEFUL #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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United being built up as some team that can challenge City for the title.

1 win in last 6 games would suggest otherwise.

Miles off. FA Cup, Europa League and Top 4 is the absolute best scenario now. Doubtful, the way we are playing.

We'll see 😬

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I felt really relaxed about watching us lose 5-0. Now I feel stressed. #itsthehopethatkillsyou #wba

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Winks and Sissoko on 2nd half no doubt. Get us some goals... #MCITOT #THFC #COYS #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Back in the game..!?! #itsthehopethatkillsyou #1715

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Resting HR 130 currently, thanks @Scotlandteam for the free cardio workout #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Do we dare to dream?

#ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou #coyb

Carlo Ancelotti puts 'fantastic' FA Cup on par with Premier League

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Bring back Ricketts #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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@M_H_Taylor Might indeed finally be @Scotlandteam 's year 😉 #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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I don't remember feeling quite this nervous before the #CalcuttaCup before #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Every year at this time I try my best to manage my expectations. Every year I fail and go full “Scotland can win the 6 nations this year”. Today is no different. Let’s do this Scotland #AsOne #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Make a statement tomorrow night Blues 👍 #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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@Stacey1882 @SWilliacy @pmuir @TheVARSidePod Yeah mate, it will get better...won't it?


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@WizardReport 2-0 spurs (yes I'm an optimist) 🤣 #itsthehopethatkillsyou 😢

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You couldn’t believe that this is the same season. This really does sum up what a pathetic bunch of bottling loser players we have. #Spurs #Tottenham #LetDowns #ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou

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@Sedds_lep How many you expecting? And are they gonna milk it all night? Don’t want to stay up and nothing else happen!! #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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This reminds me of some of the last games with Poch in charge. Depressing #COYS #ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou

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Come on, you didn’t actually think we weren’t going to throw in a performance like that did you? We do it every time we have an opportunity to seize the day. It will never stop us hoping but we simply aren’t good enough. #EFC #UTFT #ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou

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90' Goal. Newcastle counter and Wilson scores again.

🔵 0-2 ⚫️ #EVENEW

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Not a fan of the CB pairing, and yeah, let’s stick to two in the middle so we get overrun again. #cpfc #meh #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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I don’t know what it says about my mental state during lockdown when I’m looking forward to watching Palace vs Wolves later on #itsthehopethatkillsyou #CPFC

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Yes I admit that I allowed myself to believe that we could win the league this season however tonight is a huge kick in the teeth #MUFC #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Always one / two that let you down. #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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Wouldn’t it be great if the coronavirus was allergic to snow. #itsthehopethatkillsyou

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@SkySportsGolf talking about RM’s driving, speed etc. and he can’t hit a fairway to save his life - has the skill gone for good, just about how far, no longer about where ! Great to see his putting & wedges dialed in though, could this be the year #ItsTheHopeThatKillsYou

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