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neighbour: will you please stop shouting at the TV.
me: when do I ever shout at the TV?
neighbour: every time Boris is on !!
me: oh yeah. Its all his bullsh*t that gets to me.
#ImpeachBoris #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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@doctor_oxford @BorisJohnson When does inaction become criminal? #ImpeachBoris

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So BoJo has just taken full responsibility for 100K deaths due to covid, whilst falsely claiming "we did everything we could".

It's well documented that they did the opposite of everything.

He needs to resign. Now.


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@JujuliaGrace He has no idea, he has multiple houses and can go where he wants for a Photo opportunity. #BorisHasFailedTheNation #borismurderer #impeachboris

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@JujuliaGrace @EveryDoctorUK #impeachboris get the petition going. Plenty of people think he is a murderer #borismurderer he has now killed 100000 people and needs to go. #impeachboris

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@JonAshworth Greatest healthcare system in the world let down by one man. #borismurderer #impeachboris @BorisJohnson The murderer. Shambles PM. He is not a leader. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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@10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @CMO_England @NHSEngland So he contacts people who HAVE lost loved ones..... really. #borisuseless #impeachboris #borismurderer
He has killed more people than anyone else in the world, shambles from him. #borisliar #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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@10DowningStreet Is it just me but the PM likes to point out we have done more vaccines and all prepared for more, shame we have such a high death rate, maybe if he did his job this would have been less. @BorisJohnson needs to go. #borismurderer #impeachboris
Shambles from a useless leader.

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Watch today's coronavirus press conference live on our channels at 5pm.

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Lockdown endless BULLSHIT

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100,000 deaths. It didnโ€™t have to be this way. #ImpeachBoris

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Vaccine ...you can shove that soup of god knows what up your arse @MattHancock @BorisJohnson

#impeachBORIS ...1922 Committee time for this tosser

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@10DowningStreet Fantastic. How many deaths? Far too many, shambolic PM and a shambles of a GOV. #impeachboris for murder. #borismurderer

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@PeterStefanovi2 He also just have said that about people, shocking death rate, yeah the vaccine program is going good, but the amount of death is on one man. @BorisJohnson #impeachboris #borismurderer

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A year after other countries took the step, Borisโ€™ government is just now considering forcing people to quarantine in hotels when they enter the country? Criminal negligence. #ToryCovidCatastrophe

#ImpeachBoris - sign, share & RT

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@BangoBilly @SteveBakerHW Boris needs sectioning for all our sakes. He has lost the fu*king plot. What happened to following the science? When even his own scientific advisors are calling him out, something is amiss. HE NEEDS TO GO #impeachboris

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@Keir_Starmer we need data to back up the claim made last night, which conveniently gave @BorisJohnson and answer to the death rate. If they cannot back it up, it is time to #impeachboris
This is a matter of national security.
Enough is enough.

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@CharlesWalkerMP @SteveBakerHW @SirGrahamBrady this is disgusting and you are allowing it to carry on. #impeachboris sort this almighty mess out

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Did you know that "any member of the House of Commons with proof of an individual's crimes could charge them of said crime and move for their impeachment"?

Any party willing to manifesto this gets my vote. #ImpeachBoris #BorisJohnsonMustGo

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Do NOT allow any elderly people to die alone!

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Remember that time Boris prorogued Parliament for purely political reasons so he could try and bypass Parliament and democracy and it was later declared illegal by the Supreme Court? ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ


Sign, share, RT...

#democracy #BorisFailedBritain

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@MarianneSansum @alexi_starr @MailOnline #impeachboris @SteveBakerHW @CharlesWalkerMP @SirGrahamBrady Boris and his cronies, including SAGE need gone, we need a fresh approach

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@SirGrahamBrady this madness needs to stop #impeachboris

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@jonathancoe We should have some kind of impeachment process. Surely itโ€™s in nobodies best interest for this leadership to continue acting like a child who discovered they can smash things on minecraft and so doesnโ€™t hold back. #impeachboris #impeachthetories

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'Young people are in a mental health crisis because our hopes keep being dashed
After ten months of being told it's almost over, we're reaching a crisis point'

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@ArgyleLoz Heโ€™s a donut bro! A big round pink one with sprinkles on the top! #boris #impeachboris

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How on earth is Boris Johnson still PM? Another 1,820 #COVID19 deaths reported today, we have the most slavish, disgusting, disgraceful, cowardly, craven, gutless media in the world, their loyalty to Johnson is disturbing, it's beyond weird, why? Johnson and his party must go..

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@SteveBakerHW 10 months we have had Masks, social distancing, lockdowns and restrictions but cases still rising. Now we have an untested jab that wonโ€™t protect us, just lessen the symptoms and still have to have masks etc? Either you are blind or totally thick #impeachboris

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"Should [ #BorisJohnson] ever achieve his towering ambition to become prime minister a signal would go forth to the world that Britain had abandoned any residual aspiration to be viewed as a serious nation." (Max Hastings 2018) #PMQs

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to my american followers know that you are lucky to impeach your government if they do any fuckery. we cant do that shit here in uk we gotta wait 4yrs to get rid of this pos. #impeachBoris #BorisFailedBritain #BorisJohnson #uk

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@AngelaRayner @BorisJohnson @GavinWilliamson Boris does not sack people, his lack of leadership is dangerous. #impeachboris

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