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Rose slaps a broken dishwasher #goldengirls

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I always watch the #GoldenGirls and wonder if they just pulled down their curtains and threw them on. Especially Dorothy.

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Blanche destroys her hernia surgery #goldengirls

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@clairebearian ...from the top of the stairs to the Flatbush Subway Station. #goldengirls

I can’t even with this guy today. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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📺 #GoldenGirls on @hallmarkchannel
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The #goldengirls is one of the best shows ever. And I’m a straight male

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I have achieved peak #GoldenGirls fandom. My phone knows to autocomplete this quote:

Blanche: I LOVE a tight man. Tight man with cast iron pecs, thighs that could choke a bear, and a butt you could eat breakfast off of.

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Blanche answers a "wanted" ad for Mel Bushman #goldengirls

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All pale in comparison to his multiple appearances as Uncle Angelo on #GoldenGirls, right @EnoughWicker ?
Kinda lends itself to the topic on a very special episode you have planned for Saturday with some guest stars, huh?

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José Jiménez: Originated by Bill Dana on The Steve Allen Show. He introduced himself with the catchphrase: "My name...José Jiménez". Dana played José in 3 non-variety shows: Make Room for Daddy, The Bill Dana Show, & a cameo in Batman. #popculture

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I Love This TV Show: The Golden Girls S2Ep12 - The Sisters #podcast #thegoldengirls #goldengirls

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Happy National Old Stuff Day! 👵🏻 #oldstuff #oldstuffday #beaarthur #bettywhite #ruemcclanahan #estellegetty #goldengirls #thegoldengirls

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Sophia overpays for an expensive leather jacket #goldengirls

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Ver o episódio "Isn't it romantic?" (1987) das #goldengirls em que surge uma amiga lésbica ainda é, passadas mais de 3 décadas, uma lufada de ar fresco. Não há nada de realmente ultrapassado na abordagem e no humor. É uma personagem real, humana, próxima e amiga

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#TheGoldenGirls #Trivia via Facebook Live-Stream TOMORROW at 8pm ET. RSVP GOING on the Facebook event at; #GoldenGirls #ThemedTrivia #FreeEvents #BettyWhite

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@TheRealElvira To quote the wife of Dorothy's brother Phil at his tragicomedy funeral in the #GoldenGirls:

"God, I wish I could wear a plunging neckline like that..."

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#OnThisDay March 2, 1991, #GoldenGirls aired S6E20 "Even #Grandmas Get the Blues" Blanche's new beau thinks she's a mother... not a grandmother! #RueMcClanahan #AlanRachins #DebraEngle #BeaArthur #BettyWhite #EstelleGetty #Shaekespeare #TamingOfTheShrew

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In the lore of all things #GoldenGirls, the original ladies of a certain age in Miami were inspired by #DorisRoberts and #SelmaDiamond in a little promo they did for NBC. Check out the details at the link below. you know other details!?


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Dorothy [about Rose]: It's not her fault. She's from Minnesota.


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Rose abuses embarrassing secrets #goldengirls

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"It's like we say in St. Olaf -- Christmas without fruitcake is like St. Sigmund's Day without the headless boy." -Rose #GoldenGirls

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Dorothy wants everyone to know about a kidney donor #goldengirls

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@StOlafStories Blanche [to Rose]: Little pie? LITTLE PIE?

Rose: I thought it tasted fishy.


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The votes are in: After more than 122,000 votes cast, we’re excited to announce the winners of our Name a Snowplow contest! These eight names will soon be on snowplows across the state. Learn more:

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My favorite mug/shirt set. 🤣 Loved Blanche. #GoldenGirls

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Sophia is worried she is a pacemaker #goldengirls

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watching #GoldenGirls and trying to function without my espressos . ' .

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From the Shady Side of Fifty all the way to Shady Pines, @boldnessismyjob! #goldengirl #goldengirls

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"Far on the shady side of 50.. she probably regarded age with the feelings ascribed to her sex, that being the last quality for which womankind would wish to be honoured, as is said by one whose satire is so good-humoured that even its truth may be endured."
#HopeLeslie #Sedgwick

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This was too funny not to share. #GoldenGirls

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