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'Stairway To Heaven' #PeakyPoemNo101 #StairwayToHeaven #PeakysPlaylist #NP4NP #DownToEarth
check out #NP4NP #NormalPoemsForNormalPeople

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Just completed this tapestry of @dickstrawbridge and Angel. They were/are such an inspiration, so down to Earth and humble, the nicest people. I would like to give it as a gift when we are allowed out!
#EscapeToTheChateau #dickstrawbridge #channel4 @Channel4 #downtoearth

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@hoelyshit25 #DownToEarth 😌😌 HAHAHAHA. Panget daw.

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Here's a happy Sunday listen for you: 'My Green Life' chat with comedian @maevehiggins on @NewstalkFM #DownToEarth

Produced by @RousseauAl with thanks to @Amundi_ENG

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It's crazy how the Earth has no natural enemies other than humans. #downtoearth

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Down to earth, but still above you.
#newpost #rapperzhans #downtoearth

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Real knowledge is knowing the extent of your ignorance

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@RexChapman Being #FirstLady and being #DownToEarth are not mutually exclusive characteristics. Hear that Melania?

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This is such a sad day for me and my family along with the entire world. To call ⁦@kingsthings⁩ a dear friend has been a true honor and a privilege. I loved and will miss him very much. RIP💔
#friend #legend #real #downtoearth #honor #privilege #memories #breakfastwithaking

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Great first episode of #DownToEarth on air pollution 🤩

Fair play to @CAugustenborg and @NewstalkFM for producing a show dedicated to the environment 👍 Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Enjoyed listening to first episode of #DownToEarth just now, focused on air pollution.

Well done to presenter @CAugustenborg and to @NewstalkFM for backing a programmed dedicated to environmental issues

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@CAugustenborg @NewstalkFM @RousseauAl @Amundi_ENG @clarenoone @maevehiggins We would be very happy to discuss our proposal to regulate wood fuels, and the role of bioenergy in the decarbonisation challenge on #downtoearth. This is our specific piece on tacking the air quality challenge and decarbonisation simultaneously.

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Listen to #DownToEarth Episode 1 now on podcast at link below or tune in @NewstalkFM tonight at 8pm!

Produced by @RousseauAl with thanks to @Amundi_ENG
and this week's guests @clarenoone, Prof. Luke Clancy, Martin Fitzpatrick and comedian @maevehiggins

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@MeathClimate @NewstalkFM Thanks so much for that! #DownToEarth also airs 8pm Saturdays on @NewstalkFM if one prefers to listen old school style. 📻

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#Day23 #EUClimatePact and who should you follow for #climateaction info and advice? We recommend @CAugustenborg who was keynote speaker at our #MeathClimateAcademy event last year, listen out for her #DownToEarth podcasts on @NewstalkFM

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Hey twitter, been a while..just stopped in to say:

Can we take a moment to talk about how seriously adorable Selena Gomez is?


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If you are looking to be #inspired by #youtubecreators & amazing #content than you should definitely follow us for regular introductions to some of #youtubesbest #creatives who #inspire through #storytelling #tutorials & just being #authentic & #downtoearth #utubecreators

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@jagbordeklaga The ESCTbynation works EXTRA hard to make sure the account is as #downtoearth and #realistic as possible!!! 👍👍

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@ChermaPottinger @sherylunderwood She is the only celebrity that has followed me back too.... #DownToEarth

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Level 5 to remain, U.K. variant could be more deadly & a glitch to the AstraZeneca supply 🦠
We’ll have the Covid latest on Newstalk Breakfast in the morning. @aoibhinn_ni_s on a cut to lactation consultants & @CAugustenborg on her new #DownToEarth series 📻

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Friday Fun Fact: Water accounts for about 80% of grass's total weight. 💧🌱

#DTELandscape #downtoearth #fridayfunfact #green

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@elonmusk @ZacEfron didn't that power plant in #Iceland develop a sucessful method of capturing carbon? #downtoearth

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Friday Fun Fact: According to Guinness World Records, the highest altitude golf course is Kupup, East Sikkim, India's Yak course (13,025 feet above sea level). 🏌️‍♂️⛳

#dtegolf #downtoearth #fridayfunfact #golf

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Our researcher @clarenoone speaks with @CAugustenborg on #downtoearth @Newtalkfm

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Delighted to chat with @CAugustenborg on #DownToEarth @NewstalkFM 🇮🇪🌎, about #Airpollution #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction

@RyanInstitute @PhysicsNUIG @MaREIcentre @climate_ambass @ResearchatNUIG @Mace_Head @CCAPS_NUIGalway @NUIGsustain

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Happy Friday and happy Listening, friends! Let me know what you think of #DownToEarth Episode 1, produced for @NewstalkFM by @RousseauAl with thanks to @Amundi_ENG !

#FridayFeeling #AirPollution #AirQuality #podcast

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💨On episode one @CAugustenborg is discussing air pollution with a variety of guests including @clarenoone and comedian @maevehiggins.

🌍Catch up now with thanks to @Amundi_ENG

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If we BELIEVE we need costly-to-develop, environmentally consuming, sophisticated to engineer, extravagant etc technology to live a harmonious life:

We will experience anything BUT harmony.

Everything is balanced.

Something ALWAYS gives...

#DownToEarth #Simplify #LetItGo

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We see animals exploited in the wildlife trade. World Animal Protection is actively attempting to bring all these atrocities to an end and will continue to do so in the future.

#CarlSagan #wildlife #downtoearth #elephants #crocodile #tigers

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I'll be on @Newstalk tomorrow from 8:30am to discuss my new #DownToEarth series AND chat with @susankeoghnews about @POTUS Biden's plans to address #ClimateChange. Until then, here's what I wrote in @Independent_ie after Biden's election:


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Thank you for representing rowing in the ways you do! #DownToEarth #Reality #Family

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@olesyarulin You’re real. I remember meeting you in a Starbucks about 8 years ago in NYC, my mum was visiting me from the UK and you asked me to take a photo of you with family or friends and you did the same for me. #Real and #DownToEarth

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Just fell down a rabbit hole of @webtoonofficial #DownToEarth

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My new goal in life is to have a beer with Zac Effron. Dude just seems so chill. #DownToEarth

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Watching #DownToEarth with @ZacEfron and @DarinOlien Truly eye opening. Glad to see that other countries around the world are concerned with #ClimateChange and sustaining our natural resources. Also, making sure people understand that healthy means more than just going to the gym

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Can’t thank you enough for the brilliant feedback from this morning’s @BBCBreakfast interview. For those who missed it- what was supposed to be a segment on exercising with children descended into chaos 🙈😅🤦‍♀️ but I’ve had the loveliest comments which have made me laugh so much!

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NEW SERIES ALERT: Down to Earth with @CAugustenborg will be launching this Friday 🌍

With thanks to @Amundi_ENG

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Fk it, I am buying a year of premium porn subscription just for the cause, nothing personal, of course. YOLO. 😆

2 #BNB

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