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Here’s the takeaway if you’re rushed, but the whole gobsmacking, infuriating thread is well worth reading.


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Imagine how many people would vote for them if they were convinced! Think we need a weekly national mapped State of #politics report on where #MPs stand on these issues. Enough Craig Kelly Rubbish! #auspol

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Two years on from Australia's banking royal commission, why has progress stalled? That's easy. The Morrison gang of Greedmongers are in power. The banks are their masters. #AuspolSoCorrupt #auspol

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We should feel for invading pplz, says PM. When the Germans invaded Poland, the Germans weren't having a flash day either. Also Czechoslavakia. And of course, not have a flash day at all during invasion of France. Oh my god, won't someone think of the nazis??? #auspol

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Have you lost your mind. He has presided over 7 years of endless corruption. Either you’re completely brainwashed or actually don’t know anything about politics. #auspol

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@SabraLane @australian @Barnaby_Joyce The Nats are so busy backing miners they ignore the opportunity for farmers to earn #carboncoin from their carbon credits to invest in EV #auspol

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As above, so below.

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Australia has a highly corrupt government. #auspol #corruptionindex

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There has never been a more exciting time to hoarsely an init! #auspol

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The level of inequality has always been a government policy choice. The Australian government is about redistributing income from the poor to the rich and looting Australian assets for themselves and their oligarch cronies. Only the poor pay tax in Australia. #auspol

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Scott Morrison helps with the cover-up of the Barnaby Joyce run Watergate fraud which now totals at least $190 million #auspol

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when they bombed darwin it wasn't a particularly flash day for the japanese either.

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@TheKennyDevine @PSyvret "My political party went in the same direction as my career - nowhere fast, so I thought - if its good enough Donald Trump its good enough for me & decided to perpetuate as many problems as I can by constantly apportioning blame & creating victims with my own TV show" #auspol

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Biden, Harris, Pence, have taken the vaccine on live TV.

Coalition members and the other RWNJs who are so keen on Hydroxychloroquine / Ivermectin / Bleach /

........ should maybe do the same here.

#COVID19 #SparkyTheDog #auspol

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They took some attention away from your corruption for a day. You should be thanking them!

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Not sure if people are aware but 2021 represents the 50th year of #LNP "rule" (meaning - do nothing imaginative about social issues besetting #auspol) since WW2 - a depressing thought to be sure- all aided, abetted and enabled by a ruthless #MurdochMedia ensuring #AuspolSoCorrupt

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Australian govt insists we'll have a #FrydenbergNegativeSurplus of covid vaccine after PM comes back with a few beers and a magic bean from a trip to the covid vaccine shop.
"We're at the front of the Q"

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#auspol #GladysB Gai Waterhouse &her son are largely responsible for NSW Covid fuck up. Gambling, pokies, pubs rule - they run the health policy. We are all fucked because of it - they must keep their cash registers humming. Oh yes, conservative Catholics lead elder cull policies

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The ‘modern Liberals’ talk often doesn’t match their walk. Watch them! #auspol

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"...the company (Rio Tinto) would "never again" destroy such an important sacred site."

When the word of a mining company means next to nothing?
#culture #nature @RioTinto

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Yes #LNP carefully constructed and #systemically implemented #inequality #policy and it is NOT contested by #opposition or #MurdochGutterMedia. Going back to medieval conditions in time for #ClimateEmergency will certainly reduce population. #auspol

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Now watch Fitzgibbon pop up to share his ‘coal Joel’ say 😱 #auspol

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FFS! I get it.
@GladysB brilliant at dodging, ducking, weaving, swerving, sidestepping.
But this pathological avoidance of straight talking for no good reason,
Makes my head explode. 🤯🤯🤯
#craigkelly #auspol

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@deniseshrivell Dave Sharma and Jason Falinski both tweeting and turning their backs on coal this morning.
Call me cynical but are they gearing up for an election?
Have the LNP finally realised that their 'climate change policy' ain't gonna cut it with the voters?

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@slpng_giants_oz @MrKRudd Only reason people think Murdoch media is mainstream is because of market dominance & historic view.
Murdoch media views:
-Are not 'average'
-Are fringe/often extreme
-Try to influence & condition the public to their RW conservative views
Needs to be called what it is #auspol

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So many dates, so much bullshit from the PM


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LISTEN: 2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame tells @Spoonyman how it felt to accept the national award… and what’s next! #politas #auspol

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Remarkable economic performance by Victoria whilst battling covid and the hostility of the rest of Australia. #springst #auspol #nswpol

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@andrewjgiles Am aware different party members may have alternative opinions but not to make corrections when they endanger public safety is a serious neglect of duty & a sign of leadership weakness. Morrison is not fit for the job.

#VoteAgainstLNP #auspol #ScottyTheCharlatan #LNPfail

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Chicomnews: HSBC denies taking political stance over China's crackdown in Hong Kong #auspol #chinesenews Bank’s chief executive, Noel Quinn, claims business not in position to question police requestsNils Pratley: the pressure on HSBC to split g

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“Australia’s 31 billionaires raked in nearly $85 billion since the global pandemic was declared in March – an almost unimaginable sum that is enough to give the 2.5 million poorest Australians a one-off payment of just over $33,300 each”
#auspol #poverty

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@RealMarkLatham Whitewashing history again. You are the problem not the solution. #auspol

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'Serious questions': The COVID race Australia is coming last in

This is costing Australian jobs

Scott Morrison has FAILED Australia (as always)


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@AaronDodd @Barnaby_Joyce @LiberalAus And there’s a reason the Coalition Agreement has never been made public #auspol

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@simonahac @MarieColemanAO @AngusTaylorMP We should set up a uniquely Australian award - the Dodgies - for bastardry against the Australian People #auspol

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@SabraLane @jchimselfbigpo2 @australian @Barnaby_Joyce He knows all about marriages doesn't he. Maybe he's playing around on the side? #auspol

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@AlboMP Personally I’m backing the prime minister. He has led well and he kept his people calm. He led with integrity. He was even showing us ways to manage our stress levels. Baking and time with our family.

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It's government policy to increase inequality

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Okay but hear me out, it’s an election year, imagine politicians with backbone rising up right now...committing to action on climate change, plans to transition coal to renewables, humane action on refugee matters, & a readiness to commit to Indigenous rights & justice.

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.@mjrowland68: You don't have a view on the misinformation he's spreading?

@GladysB: I think I have answered the question twice already.

The NSW Premier plays a straight bat on the misleading COVID-19 comments made by Craig Kelly.

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It's govt policy to have "An entrenched underclass that cannot escape poverty, lower wages and a smaller slice of the national wealth for working stiffs, more and richer billionaires atop the booming 0.1 per cent"

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Just to be clear:

Rupert Murdoch's side-show award was not given by some odd "UK based" organisation.

It was bestowed by a group founded & funded by the Australian govt, with board members appointed in conjunction with the Aust govt at a function hosted by the Australian HC.

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The ABC is too important to regional communities for them to waste resources on divisive campaigns. In my view, they’ve done more through this action to divide, rather than bring us all together.

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