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Ik lig lekker op schema.... #wetfebruary

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There’s a @LuckyCharms commercial airing where Lucky goes to a place called “Milk Lake”, and we have...so many questions. Whole? Skim? What happens in the summer? Anyway, all growler and Crowler fills are $2 off today! #CaseOfTheMondays #cereal #Sponsored #WetFebruary

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I am absolutely all over this #WetFebruary vibe 😆.
That thing yr thinking 🤔?? It’s not that ... 😌

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After completing #DryJanuary, I’m now working my way through #WetFebruary. So far so good, I’ve been pissed every day except one 🍻

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Snowed in this afternoon, a game of Marvel Comics Monopoly was considerably enlivened by the chance discovery of an unconsumed bottle of Christmas glühwein... #WetFebruary #LivingOnTheEdge

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Enfin "Week end à Rome" plutôt 😅 #WetFebruary

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Rediff de ce joli moment sur "Duel au soleil" avec Clara Luciani et Julien Doré

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This @jamesonwhiskey is the business! I've just finished #WetJanuary. Bring on #WetFebruary 🥃😍

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Q. How much should you spend on a bottle of #Wine 🍷?
A. I don’t know, about half an hour ✅
#WetFebruary 🥴

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Saw off dry January, time to push on into #WetFebruary

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Finally, it’s #FridayNight and as its #WetFebruary 🥳 we are now well and truly back onto #WineTime🍷

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It’s happy hour somewhere. 🍸 #wetfebruary

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Après #dryjanuary 🍻 je propose #WetFebruary 💦

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@Reyvax77 Ça change de d’hab ? #WetFebruary

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Son just brought me this to celebrate my @AccentPress #publishing news!
How decadent 🍾🍾🍾
(Stuck in bedroom #lockdown #homeschooling #writing)
@hannschofield fully embracing #WetFebruary! 🤣🤣🤣

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UM Daily Dose of Feb Fury

2.4.10 Made to Measure

A poppy, uptempo movement as the song proper fades away. Eerily familiar Lyrical Stew eventually ensues.

2.4 Honorable Mentions (both featuring Lyrical Stews):
Nemo ‘10
2x2 ‘11

#umphreys #UMFabFeb #wetfebruary

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Cheers to the end of Dry January!
#wetfebruary #winewednesday #wine #studentloans #studentloandebt #studentloanssuck

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Famous influencer/soft porn/bikini model from L.A doing a pussy giveaway!!! #WetFebruary 😂😂😂

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Too wet and rough at Glenarm for the ducks. They all lined up but stayed out of the water. Zoom in to see 🦆🦆🦆
@LoveBallymena @newslineweather #ducks #weather #flooding #WetFebruary

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Now that Dry January is over can we just call it #WetFebruary

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@aplusk After making through #DryJanuary I am not ashamed to say I have had a drink each day this month 😉 #WetFebruary

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You can call it anything you want, Ashton. Well leave it up to you to name it but #WetFebruary sounds good to me.

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Not that I participated in dry January because my life is a joke but I’m definitely taking part in #WetFebruary especially with vDay coming up 😜

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@aplusk Since it's your birthday month (and mine, February 9th) it definitely should be #WetFebruary 😄😄🍺🍺

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So if I just finished dry January can I call this wet February? #WetFebruary

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