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Tell me this then, future vs young thug . Who’s winning that one #Verzuz

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It’s rumored that Travis Scott wants to do a #Verzuz against Future 👀 Who do you have winning and in how many rounds?

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Future's manager dispels rumors of Travis Scott #Verzuz battle


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Trav nice but this will play out the same way Ross and 2Chainz #Verzuz did. Chainz got dope records but Ross got hit after hit

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Fans believe that a Future & Travis Scott #Verzuz could be on the way! 🤔🔥👀 Who do y’all think would take the W in this battle, if it happens⁉️

📸: Kevin Winter, Jon Kopaloff / Gett Images

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@TheHipWorld @TheRapAgenda Eminem is not beating Drake ina #Verzuz 🤣🤣 His biggest hits don’t even sound the same in 2021. All the shortys gonna be like “why y’all playing this serial killer music”. Fw shady tho nbs

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Future’s manager addresses rumored #Verzuz battle with Travis Scott.

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I don't know who needs to here this but I need a Nelly & T.I. #Verzuz

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🇺🇸✨[ #Verzuz] Un Versuz entre Future et Travis Scott pourrait voir le jour très prochainement 🔥

Qui pour vous gagnera ce Versuz?

🔄 RT pour Travis Scott #TravisScott

❤️ Fav pour Future #Future

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feigning for a Justin Timberlake & Usher #Verzuz

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@1future I heard they gone have Red @gushers there?!?!? Come on bro, entertain us! Or y’all can make a track that we can vibe too! #Pluto #TravisScott #Verzuz

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A Travis Scott and Future #Verzuz battle is not happening, according to Future's manager

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Lmfaoooo Pluto washing Travis in a #Verzuz cmon.

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Ready #BayArea @Verzuzonline 1/21? #UP Video Quotes "Used to Rhyme off that Rossi Rine w/ Cuzzo,had HOT LINES but it was NOT MY TIME" "Where you @ Im in the Bay Bi__h" s/o @E40 @TooShort @KeyshiaCole @Ashanti #VERZUZ #MrNETW3RK

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When Crabtree & Talib doing a #Verzuz

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Twitter is so wild now they think in a #Verzuz battle Future smoking Jay-z 😂😂😅😅

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I need Justin Timberlake to wash someone in a Verzuz

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#2021year #2021goals #2020inanutshell #celebritygossip
#lipstickalley #CapitolRiots #donaldtrump #Verzuz

2021 Came In Like A Beast!

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EPIC @VerzuzOnline #BayArea ? @TooShort & @E40 influence is mentioned by #Oakland Rapper @DLabrie on New single #UP Video #Japan by @OneTwenty_ < @RDVpromo @DiffDope @DLabrieTokyo #Verzuz #TooShort #E40

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1.21.21 YALLL READY!!????

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Future and Young Thug seem like a better match up than Future and Travis Scott #Verzuz

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Another #Verzuz rumor...who wins this one? #verzuzbattle

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I’m sorry but Future & Travis Scott don’t belong anywhere near a #VERZUZ

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EPIC #BayArea #VERZUZ ?Who you got? #TooShort #E40 ? #Oakland Rapper #DLabrie HONORS both the big homies influence on #HipHop in New Single #UP > Music Video filmed #Japan #MrNETW3RK

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scenes when Future finishes Stormi’s father off w “Mask Off” on the #Verzuz

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TBH not too many ppl touching @Tip in a #verzuz

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@trvisXX vs @1future in a #VERZUZ battle?

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y’all smokin DICK if you think travis beats future in a #Verzuz

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Future can wash Travis Scott by just playing DS2. Dont waste a #verzuz on that.

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I’m with u @KeishaNicole I don’t see a Future vs Travis Scott #Verzuz Future has more songs than TS so that wouldn’t be a battle but I can’t wait for Keyshia vs Ashanti @979TheBox @JmacGlobal

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Kanye, Drake, Wayne and HOV really ain’t gonna do a #verzuz???

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This is EASILY one of the worst possible #Verzuz battles to happen...big NO.

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I would like to see a Janet Jackson vs Beyoncé Verzuz #verzuz

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According to reports, Timbaland’s manager says they are planning a Future & Travis Scott #Verzuz  battle 👀

Thoughts? Who you got? ⬇️

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Y’all should take shows offline in 2022. Real life battles on big time stages. @verzuzonline #Verzuz

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Timbaland's manager says they're working on a Travis Scott & Future Verzuz battle

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