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On this day 30 years ago, Ryan Giggs made his Manchester United debut #MUFC #UTFR

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@ftbl_michael Pashun and desiyah will take us back to the top #UTFR 🇾🇪

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@YorkieRed_Jojo #utfr🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

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@giggsclazz @jakehaymes @itvcorrie 😂😂😂😂

Mate, thanks for the positivity🙏x

It’s amazing how you know me so well!🤣🤣🤣

Jake knows that would happen....

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@MUFC_redarmy99 I agree...definitely successful and I’d snap your hand off right now...problem is Im worried that we won’t finish 2nd nor win a trophy...hypothetically, what would that make this season? 😔 #utfr

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I like the new bedwetter tactic of trying to pre-empt the Glazers not backing Ole in a final bid to give Jose one more chance of having a relevant united career. #UTFR

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@rioferdy5 #Ferdz
Appearances: 455
Goals: 8
#MUFC #DallasReds #UTFR #MUFCLegends 🔴⚪️⚫️

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@ManUtd @B_Fernandes8 @Daniel_James_97 @mctominay10 @LukeShaw23 Luke Shaw has been magnificent. Best LB in the league and will start for England at the Euros #LFG #UTFR #GGMU

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What a thing of beauty I’ve come home from work to #Ole #mufc #utfr cheers @SportingIconsUK for another quality bobble hat 😁

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Two tweets same person...some of. our so called fan base.... fxxk right off 🔔🔚

🔴⚪⚫ #UTFR

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@YorkieRed_Jojo Following more fans on here this season has been a real eye opener to how toxic some of the fan base is, towards the manager,players and fans!!! Hail the block button #UTFR 🔴⚫️

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@theOGSeffect I keep my thoughts to myself, opinions are like arseholes, and Twitter is stocked full of both. 😂 3 points against Palace this week and roll on City. #UTFR

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Manchester United Legend @AlexStepney1 on THAT save in the European Cup final against Eusebio... 🧤🇵🇹

#MUFC #UTFR #ManchesterUnited

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#RoyKeane #Keano #ThereIsOnlyOneKeano
Appearances: 480
Goals: 51
#MUFC #DallasReds #UTFR #MUFCLegends 🔴⚪️⚫️

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Thaks @TheUnitedStar2 for inviting me on to talk about @ManUtdWomen

Let me know what you guys think
#muwomen #mufc #allredallequal #BarclaysFAWSL #UTFR

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We're bringing out new designs ALL the time - so many, we can't always keep up on social media. But that's ok - YOU can see what's new right here:

Like this Holy Trinity artwork design, for example.

#mufc #manutd #utfr #GGMU

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I hope everyone’s Monday is going well. My wife punched me in the face in her sleep in the early hours of this morning so that’s how my day started 🤣....hopefully yours is going a bit better! #UTFR

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Anyway you can stick your negativity up your arse!!!! 🙃

I’m off work this week so it’s happy Monday for me. 🥳


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@D_DeGea I won your glove sawn #UTFR

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Shambolic Bollocks!

Points dropped again!

DDG, what a save 🙌🏼

It’s not over until it’s over!



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Games keep coming thick and fast and next up is #CRYMUN in the @premierleague

Come join the official #MUSC of #DFW #jacks #Dallas #Texas this Wednesday afternoon. Kickoff at 2:15pm. Event in bio - Click 'Going' and share with your friends. #UTFR #MUFC #DallasReds @PLinUSA

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@UnitedHeaven_ @R_o_M Exactly. Achievement isn’t sky high tbf but judging by the fact that we “wont even make it to top 4” at the start of the season, I think our current league position speaks volume. Be realistic and trust the process.

p/s : I still believe we need a good pair of CBs 😂😅


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@StretfordEnd_10 @CantonaCollars Would save a lot of ridiculousness if everyone did just that eh Russell? 🤦‍♀️😬😜 #ggmu #utfr 🟥⬜️⬛️❤️

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Metrik - We Got It (ft. Rothwell) (S.P.Y Remix) via @YouTube #UTFR

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Here’s Shawn. A United “fan” who after today’s result was happy that our player of the year, and potential Premier League player of the year didn’t score.

Don’t be like Shawn #UTFR 🇾🇪

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@GWijnaldum @wearelfctmm @LFC Well done Captain... Gini stay @LFC mate, you know it makes sense Rodney. #UTFR

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Buzzing, night twitter reds and well done @LFC bring on the Rents. #UTFR

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@StephenConlon7 Hopefully if Pogba and martial do leave... pogba.fc and martial.fc will leave as well #UTFR 🔴⚪⚫

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@SeanRalph0405 @Baggers_Alex Hey bro ✌️ Bruno best player in the league again in big games?

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@JustOleMUFC @SeanMUFC14 From everything I’ve heard from the players he’s very well liked at the club so I try ‘not to talk of the things I do now know’ 🤔 Having said that, like everyone, I tend to sometimes get drawn in by social media and that can cloud my judgement. #ggmu #utfr

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@Tha_Pesky_Red Hello lad good to see you 👍😁 #UTFR 🔴👊🏼

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@JHenderson Recoup soon Henderson lad and thank you for the league title lad... #UTFR

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Tougher games ahead for Kabak and Phillips vs Chelsea but reckon Fabinho kept for that one... well played Redmen especially Curtis Jones, immense la. Just imagined a midfield consisting of Jones and Trent... delicious but anyways enough dreaming, a nice 3 points that. #UTFR

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@_Emmanuelk @LFCKINGS @louisenew_x @mwende__kyalo @ariEs_lfc1998 @JustinC94019825 @ohitodan @LeroyEdwards8 @danliv9 @JamieSmith26996 @m_ani786 @TheRealKopite @Real_Wilkinson @Daveybo63799441 @KLigaf @JILLCLARK1808 Thanks for the tag really appreciated nice one 👍👊🏼✊🏼 The result we all wanted, needed & got #UTFR 3 points in the bag 💪 #MOTM 👇🙌🏽👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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@LFC YES!! This was a much needed win, and you lot played really well! Fantastic goals from Curtis & Bobby, and a fantastic performance from Adrian tonight. Win, lose or draw, We Are Liverpool and This Means MORE!! GET IN THERE, LADS!!! #SHULIV #YNWA #UTFR #LFC ❤️⚽️❤️⚽️

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Happy with that. Good finish from Jones and a bit of luck with the second. Bring on Chelsea on Thursday night 👊🔴 #Lfc #UTFR

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