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Letting him continue to speak, Cone saying her speakers, waiting hours to issue this weak statement, letting your white players not visibly show support for their fellow black teammates, all are unacceptable. If Sauerbrunn wasn't the captain, we'd be done with you. #USWNT

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Always the real leader #USWNT

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#USWNT #BattleRoyaleRoyale

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@ChristenPress @re__inc @schuerta If you are getting lower than wanted interest about re-inc, while getting mostly lustful interest &/or comments, based on your affliation w/ the #USWNT, what happens when you take that USWNT jersey off for good?

You become out-of-site & out-of-mind? So does re-inc?


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@ChristenPress @re__inc @schuerta If your sisters were involved instead, you'd achieve healthy

Same if you had say Huerta & Colaprico involved instead.

They aren't on the #USWNT w/ you.

Therefore, it becomes your work w/ the USWNT & your work w/ re-inc.

= Two #separate things, & not a fad.

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@ChristenPress @re__inc @schuerta What #adjustments?

In this case, #separation from other #USWNT players would be good.

Having other USWNT players involved w/ re-inc only blends or blurs the lines. It's causing the lustful comments, which is anti-productive.

Beyond that, it could turn re-inc into a fad.

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@BrookeLB93 I would draw up that letter, have every #NWSL owner, GM & Head Coach sign it, and then I'd send it to each #USWNT player, as well as give a copy of it to Cindy Parlow, Kate Markgraf & Vlatko. #CreateHighStandardsAndValue #DontBeASparringPartner #PullTheWeeds #GrowYourGarden

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@BrookeLB93 If I were u, this is what I'd say to the #USWNT.

"For these #NWSL plyrs & tms, this league & its' trophy is their WWC. It's their Olympics. And we expect all of you to respect that & give them on honest effort, while you are over here. If you can't, then we don't want you here."

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Any discrimination against any disadvantaged group must be stood up against.

To see someone of power, speak uninterrupted for 6 minutes in a racist, anti-black tirade - #ussoccer needs to do better.


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Reading the racist comments said durint #ussoccer's AGM has completely crushed me.

This podcast is hosted by two minorities. We love soccer because it's multicultural, diverse, and a place where we feel accepted. To read what that guy said... it's devestating.


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@itsmeglinehan @ussoccer Where we have a lot of lesbian couples. God only knows what he will do when they do kneel again. I don’t care if he was a former athlete or not he needs to go and he needs Court mandated therapy. These girls work hard and earn their freedom. #USWNT

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@ussoccer Y’all took hours to come up with that...embarrassing. The only thing that offended you is that these comments were made publicly. This man is a know bigot didn’t bother a single person that voted for him. You don’t to act I like you are ignorant now. Own y’all’s bigotry. #USWNT

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The reason that Seth Jahn is holding this World Cup trophy in his hand is in no small part Megan Rapinoe and Black players like Crystal Dunn and Christen Press.

You have to wonder just how safe the #USWNT might feel if Jahn ever works security again. He shouldn't for the record.

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The delegate, Seth Jahn, who made bizarre comments that included downplaying American slavery, has worked closely with U.S. Soccer staff, including serving as the head of security for the #USWNT in France. Action needs to follow these statements.

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Additional statement from #USWNT team captain Becky Sauerbrunn:

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A much stronger statement from the #USWNT captain over the Athletes Council itself.

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My thoughts from today’s AGM

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My darg Omar is looking for a queen @Om1arX #Woso #USWNT

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#USSoccer and #uswnt has conditions for supporting #BlackLives but, banished Jaelene Hinkle forthwith.

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@TOBlTH This Federation is a absolute joke. It is run by clowns lead by cowards. I’m glad they allowed this idiot to speak this is what I’m sure their meetings sound like...I want the blk & brn players away from this toxicity. #USWNT

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Great response from O’Reilly AND how can people still be talking about the #USWNT in this way? Ugh.

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#shebelievescup Recap + FAWSL Build-up - RD16 Women Champions League Begins via @YouTube #extendajoint #fawsl #ChampionsLeague #FutbolFemenino #nwsl #Barcelona #psg #lyon #manchestercity #chelsea #AtleticoMadrid #uswnt #engwnt #nedwnt #soccer #Olympics

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@alexmorgan13 @MichelleAkers10 Anything to say about today's disgusting comments? As a white person on the team, its time to step up #usmnt #uswnt #cantrestrictcommentshere #thisisntinstsgram

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⚽️.@weareCOsoccer @Olympics 4some depart #SheBelievesCup. Howell to @FSUSoccer
Horan &Smith rejoin @ThornsFC, Mal Pugh is/w @chicagoredstars. Now wait for nxt☎️-up🇺🇸
Horan+Smith assist in 6-0 #USWNT finale>
Via @Burgundywave @CORushProDev @RealColoSoccer

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ICYMI, @roselavelle led the #USWNT to a title earlier this week!

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@BrookeLB93 It's like Megan Rapinoe, she only shows up for #NWSL games when she needs to get some #sparring in, so to speak. And she had those similar thoughts in her postgame comments after #SheBelieves.


Plyrs who #sabotage the league shouldn't be on the #USWNT.

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@BrookeLB93 When it comes to #USWNT plyrs, it seems like they use the #NWSL as their gym in preparation for the WWC or Olympics.

That's UNFAIR to all of the non-national tm plyrs, who care about the #NWSL, & treat that title as their WWC or Olympics.

They should be called-out for that.

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@BrookeLB93 Speaking of thoughts...

It's fight night, which triggered a thought about the #USWNT & #NWSL.

#Spar: This is used for training and in preparation for a title fight. It should be much less intense than an actual title fight, incorporating greater padded gloves and headgear.

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Listening to @justwsports pod ep with Captain Becky Sauerbrunn from #USWNT and all of a sudden they are talking about the amazing story of @MicheleDeJuliis and it really brought me back to my @ultimategoallax days!! Love hearing women uplift other women’s sports!

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🗓 Estas son las fechas de partidos de la #USWNT🇺🇸 para el resto del año. Amistosos varios, en junio el Tournament of Nations y, con viento a favor, Juegos Olímpicos en julio/agosto.
Como ya adelantó Andonovski hace poco, Tobin no estará disponible aún en abril pero sí en junio.

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Don’t know if I absolutely love this or hate it with all my heart. Such chaotic energy. #KitDrop #USWNT #NIKE

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Today was also the second time in the span of one year that the conduct of the USWNT has been thrown onto the discussion floor at the USSF general meeting.

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#shebelievescup Live Stream Commentary - USA vs. Canada Women Internatio... via @YouTube #SPIRITUAL #spirituality #USMNT #uswnt #nwsl #futbol #womensoccer #commentary #canwnt #extendajoint #soccer #Barcelona #FCBarcelona #futbolfeminino #BarclaysFAWSL

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I hope these aren’t the Olympic jerseys ... cause they’re fugly #uswnt #ussoccer

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Colorado’s Lindsey Horan and Sophia Smith do their part as #USWNT defeat Argentina & lift their fourth SheBelieves Cup trophy

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how do you reform this? how do you DEI this? #USWNT #USSF

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Rapinoe lanzó una petición a la AFA a favor de las jugadoras de la selección, quienes no cuentan con sus nombres grabados en sus camisetas, con una publicación que hace un guiño a que solucionen este problema.

#MeganRapinoe #USWNT #AFA #futbolfemenino #womensoccer

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okay i'm good to tweet this 😅 #USWNT

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CHAMPIONSGATE, FL - FEBRUARY 15: Christen Press of the USWNT poses for a studio marketing shoot at Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate on February 15, 2021 in ChampionsGate, Florida.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos

O KIT 🗣️🗣️🗣️

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Proud of our #USWNT for winning the #FIFAWWC, and a special 🙌 to our own @SJahnIX who was part of the WNT’s support staff all month. Hey Seth, bring a bit of that magic with you to Spain for the #ifcpfworldcup!

👊🇺🇸 #onenationoneteam #vamospnt

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