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@thedailybeast "President Donald Trump has been smacked down by the Pentagon in his request for an elaborate military-style farewell parade according to officials who spoke with Defense One." #TrumpTreason

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@kayleighmcenany You typed this with a picture of Hitler on your desk.
#ByeKayleigh #TrumpTreason #TrumpCoupAttempt

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#TrumpIsARacist #TrumpFailedAmerica #TrumpTreason #TrumpIsACompleteFailure #COVID19 #diabolicalDisaster THIS is what 75M Americans voted for, the end of America, just for their #WhitePrivilege #WeSeeYou SORRY ASS PRETEND PATRIOTS! SADISTIC BASTARDS!

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#LaurenBoebert What is she talking about? Keep the non-threatening, non-violent legal information about her and her sponsors open. Still don't understand what this means. #Capitol #TrumpTreason

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So Trump is still in cahoots with Russia? First election tampering in 2016 now Parler back online. #insurrection #TrumpTreason

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Trump 'set fire to a crowded theater and watched it burn': legal expert

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@TheRickWilson NOTHING better than turning the page to a New Chapter!

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@cnnbrk @CNN @CNNPolitics @ABC2020 @ABC @CBSNews @FoxNews @ABCPolitics @maddow @AC360 @DavidMuir we BEG you, PLEASE DO NOT give one second to #FakePresident ridiculous self indulgent "farewell" #TrumpTreason #TrumpIsACompleteFailure #TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpFailedAmerica

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trump legacy: lies, deception and insurection #TrumpSeriesFinale #trumplastday #TrumpTreason #innauguration

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Itโ€™s like ra-IIIIIIIIIII-nnn on your wedding day. A freeeeEEE rideeee ... #getout #TrumpTreason #CapitolRiots #isntitironic #ArrestThemAll

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Donโ€™t think for one minute that trump isnโ€™t thrilled that the entire capital is a war zone because of what he has done. He loves it. Itโ€™s all about him. He did It. He owns it. He is in his glory. #Criminal #TrumpTreason

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FVCK TRUMP for taking millions of dollars to pardon his WHITE COLLAR CONVICT FRIENDS while continuing to MURDER MINORITIES under the Federal Death Penalty! @JoeBiden YOU NEED TO ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY! #AbolishTheDeathPenalty #TrumpTreason #TrumpCrimes #TrumpCrimeFamily

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There is no doubt to me that Trump will pardon himself & his kids tomorrow. #TrumpSeriesFinale #TrumpTreason #TrumpIsATraitor

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Bracing myself for Trump's last hurrah - his last official attempt to grind this country to a pulp by pardoning the blood sucking leeches in the dregs of the stinking swamp.

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@DanRather being a birther during your husbands campaign.

aiding and abetting your father as he fuels the rage of hate filled white supremacists.

Guess who...

#TrumpTreason #ArrestThemAllNow

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@EmmaKinery Iโ€™m sure he will release an assorted array of the worst deplorables possible #TrumpFailedAmerica #TrumpTreason #RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica

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I will never back down to the left. You have my word.

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In <40 hours, Donald Trump will become an ex-president who served only one term and was impeached twice! Well done, Donald! #ByeDon

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No garbage collection todayโ€”because itโ€™s MLK Day and because, this week, Americaโ€™s taking out the trash on Wednesday.

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Holy shit.

"Parler is back online now by routing 100% of its user traffic through servers located within the Russian Federation."

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If you live, work, or plan to visit the Washington, D.C. area during #Inauguration2021, check out the latest road closure map. Stay up-to-date on #Inauguration security information:

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. @AmyKremer is president of @WomenforTrump โ€”ย a group that helped promote and plan the event that lead to last week's insurrection.

She hasn't said sorry, in fact she blamed the riots on the media and democrats.

Let's make sure everyone knows there's blood on her hands.

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70 million pissed off republicans and not one city burned to the ground.

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