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Here's an example of the shameful work product of a #TraitorTrump sycophant the ppl of Ga sent 2Congress. Your employee can't grasp the intricacies of the job u sent her 2do. If u voted 4her & u know the Earth is not flat--you understand she must be recalled. She's a disgrace.

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Imagine how much safer, kinder, and healthier America - and the world - would be if #TraitorTrump had gotten the job he wanted.

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@johnrobertsFox The idea that ANYONE would give #TraitorTrump the time of day is nauseating. WE THE PEOPLE voted him out for a reason.

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@thehill Please keep supporting #traitortrump

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Is there something mentally wrong with this man? He seems to get nuttier every day. via @nbcnews @YahooNews @OANN @NewsMax @voxdotcom @NewYorker @politico @thedailybeast @slate @ozy @reason @HuffPostLife @TheWeek @BreitbartNews @FoxNews #TraitorTrump

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To @GOP cowards: If you keep ass kissing #TRAITORTRUMP because you are AFRAID of his #MAGAIDIOTS you are NOTHING but traitors to America!! All #TRAITORTRUMP is about is CORRUPTION & REVENGE!!! Is THAT what the @GOP has turned into?!?!?! Bunch of asshats is what you all are!!

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@benjie_lewis @POTUS If anyone owes us money, it's the #GOPCowards and #TraitorTrump.

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@cagyone @POTUS Answer...people are stupid, and #TraitorTrump's holdover are sabotaging the process.

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@jnkjlezv @DonaldJTrumpJr Good Lord that's all we need..

God doesn't suffer fools blindly. Nor does He shine His blessed light on minions of evil.

Suffering & despair..
Murder & sexual assault..
Contriving to lie cheat & steal:
None are Fruits of the Spirit. But they are the fruits of Clan #TraitorTrump

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@POTUS @VP @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer:

Why wasn't this cleared already? #WhiteSupremacy is a clear and present threat to America.

The only sensible response to this hate group and its enablers - like #TraitorTrump, the #GOPCowards, and #FoxNews - is to #LockThemAllUp.

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@ThaCoon13 @joebarton1238 @thespencerdean @FBIWFO @DevinCow @RonJohnsonWI So much worse than 9/11, 1/6/21 was all about greed & mental illness. The greed of #traitortrump, the greed of the qop and the fodder used in the attack were the maladjusted, malcontents, misled mutts of the litter. Thats why it’s called insurrection not invasion.

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@RepKinzinger While I can appreciate that you are attempting to save the @GOP from HATE, FEAR, GREED & #TraitorTrump! You CAN'T as a party spend decades stoking white resentment, BIGOTRY, intolerance, LIES & PROPOGANDA without there being devestating results! It's going to take DECADES to fix!

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Ex-lawyer and ex-rabbi, soon to bear the moniker of ex-con #insurrectionists


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@AlamoOnTheRise @politico I agree. And,
IF #TraitorTrump would've told the TRUTH from the start about how #COVID19 spreads & how deadly it is, it could have prevented so many needless deaths.
Same thing w/masks.
Truth is, we had NO leader & NO leadership. We had a toddler running amok, 💩 on the 📜🗽⚖🇺🇸

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#Reminder of the time #donaldtRUMP tried to corrupt the results of the #Georgia #GeneralElection result by #StrongArming the #SecretaryOfState
#IJustWantToFind11780Votes #StopTheSteal #TraitortRUMP #TraitorsSupportTraitortRUMP #BullshitTrump #LyingtRUMP #BradRaffensperger @MSNBC

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@tedcruz We won't forget your complicity during the #TraitorTrump presidency.

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@meiselasb Please go after @LindseyGrahamSC next because he is still fomenting racist fascist xenophobic bs against Garland to Covid19 Relief! Don’t forget this incorrigible excuse for a pol donated &500k to #TraitorTrump’s defense team to overturn the election!

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@waltshaub @neeratanden Exactly! And I’m buggered to understand why @LindseyGrahamSC is raising a ruckus about everyone & everything from Garland to the Covid19 Relief when he donated $500k to #TraitorTrump’s defense to “stop the steal”

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Limbaugh deserves no such honor or recognition. Distressful enough that he degraded our highest civilian honor, Medal of Freedom, by #TraitorTrump. Just as trumpster insurrectionists shat on the walls of the Capital, Trump soiled & shat on all that he touched.

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QAnon Shaman Hilariously Says He Lost Faith in #TraitorTrump When He Pardoned Lil Wayne and Not Him via @NicoleJames

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I mean, #TraitorTrump and the #GQP tried to overthrow the government. Any investigation into the insurrection is going to look "partisan by design." Duh.

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We also should dig into why this wasn’t released under tRump. #TraitorTrump

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Ohhh realllly..? Well.. would #Pence drink from a glass if offered one by #TraitorTrump , who clearly offered Him up to his insurgents (Terrorists) on a serving platter??

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@R6Noob_ @afhsmom @brigett66463036 @OhlssonWendy @TheRickyDavila READ the f'ing email Tyler BernieBro.
She wasn't talking about "taking the oil" aka #TraitorTrump


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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's draft proposal for a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, calling it "partisan by design."

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Breaking NBC: The Biden admin will release an intelligence report Thursday that concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Romney says he's 'pretty sure' Trump will win 2024 nomination if he runs - CNN Politics #TraitorTrump will win by cheating like in 2016. See you at the midterms @GOP prigs!

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@JenniferJJacobs @PreetBharara @POTUS Our new @POTUS reads and actually does his job. It's an improvement over #TraitorTrump

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I will not be happy until the #TraitorTrump is behind bars.

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Anyone who voted to acquit #TraitorTrump has absolutely no business using "mean tweets" as a reason to vote against confirming someone.

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@seanhannity - speaking of CPAC, now just a FARCE, as #TraitorTrump neo- @GOP (Gullible/Gutless/ #Gaslighting Opposition Party) is NO WAY CONSERVATIVE! "C", rather, now stands for #POTC (Pres. of Confed) Trump's CONFEDERATE party! @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @GOPLeader @LeaderMcConnell

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FYI @seanhannity . WOW, what an EMBARRASSING FARCE #TraitorTrump has made of the traditional conservative @GOP ! CPAC needs to change its name to #POTC (Pres of Confed) Trump's Confederate (C)PAC! There is NOTHING CONSERVATIVE about Trump or his neo-GOP (Gullible/Gutless/ ...

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Palm Beach County is trending because it told Ron DeSantis to shove it when he demanded they lower flags for bigot Rush Limbaugh

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NEW: @RepSeanMaloney/@RepJayapal will intro bill stripping pension & other perks from ex-presidents convicted of a felony

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Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, is urging the State Department to officially designate international violent extremist groups, including the Proud Boys, as terrorist organizations.

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$1.6 billion in outside income during his presidency.

Let that sink in. That's a whole lot of profiteering and corruption.

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ARRESTED: Michael Stepakoff is an ex-lawyer and Messianic rabbi that leads Temple New Jerusalem in Palm Harbor, Florida. His lawyer said, “He got caught up in the crowd. It’s yet to be seen what if anything he did wrong.”

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