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Create what there is not. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast and you’re not famous? Listen to @bansky explain how he and KD came up w/ the concept for their new pod #TheETCs:

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Starting a podcast? Listen to @Bansky explain how he and @KDTrey5 found their lane for #TheETCs...

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We knew @bansky was a Raiders fan from listening to #TheETCs. We needed more info on his #NBA fandom. He's from Sacramento so he was a Kings fan for a lil bit. He mentions Michael Jordan. Jason Williams, Gary Payton, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant of course. He's a #Nets fan now!

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New pod 🚨 Get to know @bansky, host of #TheEtcs podcast with @KDTrey5, on today’s new episode!



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Good morning Nets World! 🌎🏀😈

🆕 Talkin' Nets 83 | Special Guest: @bansky, host of #TheEtcs w/ Kevin Durant

• Bruce Brown, Kings talk to open
• Eddie Gonzalez joins the show!
• We talk basketball, hip hop, culture


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Read more about SPACs, as well as the return of #TheETCs podcast, a new #OutOfOffice & more from Boardroom here:

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KD was never bothered by the "talk" 🤝

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Got to link with my brothers for this latest episode of #TheEtcs. Such a wide-ranging conversation that I think you’ll really enjoy.

From discussing Super Bowl LV, to looking at the trajectory of @lildurk, to the ‘21 @nfl HOF Class & more

Listen Here:

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Chopped it up with the bro’s this week on #TheEtcs. We discussed The Weeknd, the Super Bowl, Drake, Kanye, Odell Beckham Jr., Calvin Johnson and the 2021 NFL Hall of Fame Class, Lil Durk, Griselda, etc etc...


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@KDTrey5 Fire!

Also: The streets is waiting for new episodes of #TheETCs 🙏🏾

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Listening to Podcasts is my new thing. Thanks to @KDTrey5 #TheEtcs

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Y’all got any new episodes of #TheETCs coming?!

@boardroompods @bansky

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3P-6P TODAY on @espn1420 with @LynBWT

🔒 with @ReggieChatman as we talk #LSU Athletics🥴 & #SuperBowl @ 4:15P.

Then we get to break down the NBA with man himself @bansky Co-Host of the #TheEtcs with @KDTrey5 @ 4:45P

📞: 337-269-1077

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Tap In!
3P-6P TODAY on @espn1420 with @Locke_Norm and myself
🔒 with @ReggieChatman as we talk #LSU Athletics🥴 and #SuperBowl at 4:15P.

Then we get to break down the NBA with man himself @bansky Host of the #TheEtcs with @KDTrey5

📞: 337-269-1077

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This week on #OutOfOffice founder/CEO of @OtiaSports Jason Koonce joins @richkleiman & #TheETCs co-host @bansky to discuss why trading cards have become a serious investment, his career in sports memorabilia, & cornering the market early.


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Read more, plus #TheETCs looks at Eric Bieniemy's baffling three-year odyssey that still has yet to lead to a head coaching job, despite obviously being qualified for the opportunity here:

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One of my new favourite podcasts is #TheEtcs with @KDTrey5. If you love hip hop and basketball you should give it a listen.

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Funny thing is KD talked about getting dunked on his ETC pod with @bansky last week. Lets just say he’s not stressin over the Rozier dunk too much lol.

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Akizungumza kwenye #TheETCs, rapa huyo alielezea kuwa watatu hao iliwabidi kuchelewesha mambo mengi kwa sababu ya COVID-19,

"Hivi sasa, tunangojea Culture III.Tumeshaikamilisha albamu hii, Tunangoja tu mnamo 2021, kwa hivyo kila kitu kinaweza kuwa sawa.

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Read more in the newsletter, plus #TheETCs takes a look at the big 2021 the sports and entertainment worlds appear to have planned.


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this was dope.

subscribe and download #TheETCs 🤲🏽

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Shout out to @KDTrey5, @bansky, and @QuavoStuntin for having us stop by to check out the filming of #TheEtcs 🔥

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Had to close out the year with The ETCs and @QuavoStuntin, we're taking a lil break but we'll be back soon with more 👀

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@KDTrey5 40 interview on #TheETCs 🔥🔥🔥

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#theetcs 🤘🏼

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Quavo shares update on Migos' next album, says it's arriving soon:

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My Christmas gift to y’all.... a bonus episode of #TheEtcs featuring @QuavoStuntin

Plus... KD and I take a few moments to talk about the Nets, his MVP buzz, his connection to the music world, Kev being a stretch 5 and him getting dunked on 😂😂

Enjoy 🤲🏽

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Culture III was supposed to drop this year but @Migos pushed it back when the pandemic began.

Now, it’s on the way “at the top of the year” according to @QuavoStuntin “We want the commotion... we want to be outside.”

Hear more on #TheETCs bonus ep →

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With @StephenCurry30 and @KyrieIrving facing off tomorrow to start the season, let's take a look back at THAT spin move Ky hit Steph with back in 2018.

And yes, Kyrie does practice this move 😳

Listen to more on #TheETCs @boardroompods:

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Can you full court press in the NBA? ⁣

@Lavarbigballer thinks so, but @KDTrey5 says if he tries it he’ll get fired in a few months 😂😂⁣

Hear more on the latest episode of #TheETCs:

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Was @Lavarbigballer ever worried that hyping his boys up and bringing attention to them would put a target on their backs?⁣

Nope. That’s exactly what he wanted.⁣

Listen to more from #LaVarBall on #TheETCs w/ @KDTrey5 & @bansky:

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New episode of #TheETCs: @KDTrey5 & @bansky talk one-on-one with @Lavarbigballer 🎙

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.@KDTrey5 talks to Mr. Big Baller Brand himself, @Lavarbigballer, on his 3 sons making it to the NBA, @ZO2_ , @LiAngeloBall & @MELOD1P's first games together, the future of the @bigballerbrand, & much more.

Listen to a new episode of #TheETCs 🎙⤵️

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My #Humpday Podcast Pick 5 ~ @boardroompods's #TheEtcs /w Kevin Durant @KDTrey5 - "What goes into song creation at @OVOSound? @OVO40 joins @bansky to talk about his origins in music, the art of sampling, @Drake, producing, and more."

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Good people, good pod! Looking forward to it 🙌🏽 #TheEtcs

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@BlackManBey0nd I agree and then his points get overshadowed by this type of behavior. I felt some of what he was saying on #theetcs but i feel like he puts himself in a lot of the positions he finds himself in like PG and the fact that he’s a VP makes that 🚨

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