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This week’s episode of #TheBachelor is 600 hours long.

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Every time someone jumps on that man I cringe 🤢🤢 #TheBachelor

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Darrell is not having it lmao #TheBachelor

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Michelle and Bri are too good for Matt. But Rachael does not deserve to win. Is Matt worse than Peter? Wtf is going on here #TheBachelor

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Can we all agree that Rachel eating grass was the BEST part of this last episode of #TheBachelor?! Sorry Not Sorry! 🤷🏾‍♂️

The Bachelor Season 25 Week 8 Recap | @sipandki With @joleenlunzer & @BusyBlu | #TheBachelorABC


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If I was Rachel I prolly would’ve just laughed my ass off falling like that lmaoo #TheBachelor

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Now that I’m rewatching, this season of #TheBachelor is trash. It was so focused on catty drama that we really have no romantic backstory on these girls.
Like I had no idea Matt liked Serena that much.

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Matt: walks in to talk to Serena Serena: sitting on the couch staring into space “ I didn’t know you were going to be here” so you routinely just sit are stare into the abyss? Weird #TheBachelor

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Bri is like my fav person ever. I’m ready for this tell all #TheBachelor

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#TheBachelor is moving past hometowns and is on its way to the Women Tell All and Fantasy Suites. So what can we expect and is there an engagement conspiracy on our hands? Check it out in the latest preview breakdown for Week 9!

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i’m here for #TheBachelor getting dumped on his own show 😅

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SPOILERS: Gabriella is the Bachelorette!!! Sharpay is LIVID it is taking place at her family’s resort!! AND STAY TUNED for a SPECIAL APPEARANCE by TROY BOLTON!


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@Mnbeezy I don’t see any humour in this and I don’t understand why they glossed over her bruises and injuries! Thankful that she survived ,but it wasn’t cool to not air what exactly took place in that scene and the procedures they had in place to address it ! #TheBachelor

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This is the worst season ever #TheBachelor

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We are Canadian and we loved this date 🇨🇦🍁

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You could’ve addressed Serena’s issues a lot sooner if you stop saying “thank you for sharing that” and kissing them #TheBachelor

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She could left a while ago and given someone else a chance #TheBachelor

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It’s been obvious Serena ain’t all in it especially since the yoga date #TheBachelor

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I can’t even watch #TheBachelor anymore. So sad that an entire legacy has been destroyed. @chrisbharrison deserves better.

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Nah Tayshia is beautiful 😭 #TheBachelor

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Join @KHirsk and myself for @AllinwithNM as the show starts a new!!!!

Show Topics:
#wednesdaythought #rudygiuliani #TigerWoods #TigerWoodsCrash #MeekMill #KobeBryant #MichelleWie #barstool #TheBachelor #LakeShow #cryptocurrency

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#AllinwithNickMorgasen officially #rebranded today at
5pm ET with @nmorgasenradio & co-host @KHirsk


Topics: @TigerWoods, @KFCBarstool, @MeekMill vs @kobebryant, @RudyGiuliani vs @MichelleWieWest

#TigerWoods #Barstool #MeekMill #RudyGiuliani

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I just feel like she rehearsed her lines infront of the mirror for this moment. *Play victim to receive compassion for my actions.*

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Like how are Rachael, Katie or Kit funny/entertaining? Someone explain to me please. #TheBachelor

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Some of the responses...people are saying that the reason is based on their personality. Didn’t realize that racism and being bland and boring was a personality trait #TheBachelor

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If a job application asks you what your outside interestes/hobbies are, is it appropriate to put watching #TheBachelor and reading sappy rom novels? #NHsmc

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Dear @chrisbharrison: “We genuinely hope you do better, but it should not be at the expense of BIPOC cast, crew, employees, and viewers, nor should it be while you are host or executive producer within the @BachelorABC franchise."-@bachdiversity (@taryder)


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I wonder if Michelle's parents are looking to adopt a 32 year old?? 🙋‍♀️
#TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC

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I am obsessed with Bri #TheBachelor

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Lmao @TheRachLindsay : “this was the top 3 most boring episodes” spot on #TheBachelor

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Who will host #TheBachelor Matt James's After The Final Rose? It will likely be someone who hasn't appeared on the franchise

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Michelle is SO SWEET #TheBachelor

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@mattjames919 We are not fans of #TheBachelor or of @chrisbharrison in any way, but watched the entire 14 min interview with @TheRachLindsay and did not hear one wrong word from Chris at all. What did we miss? This seems like much ado over nothing really. This generation truly needs to chill!

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(SPOILER): Next season of the “Bachelorette” will begin filming in last half of March in New Mexico. No host or “Bachelorette” has been decided yet. Not 100% confirmed yet, but I’m hearing the location is the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa about 20 min outside of Albuquerque

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Chris Harrison's 'Bachelor' future up in the air as Matt James, Bachelor Nation speak out

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This is a disturbing image. This says a lot about the #bachelornation fans. I'm just saying.

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