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@MrAhmednurAli @donwinslow Colin Kaepernick now has over 1400 days of being denied employment for peacefully protesting. #StillReady

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No better time than now @Lions especially after parting ways with Matt Stafford.

And while you're at it, bring in Eric Reid for that sus defense.

Oh, and in case you forgot, enjoy a gif of Kap thrashing your division rivals

#BringBackKap #BringBackEric #StillReady #StopRunning

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“If our coaches and general manager all thought it would be a good idea to bring [Colin Kaepernick] in, I would completely support that.”

-New Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp, June 2020

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@NFL this man deserves to play. he helped change the world. he’s #stillready don’t let his talent and positive influence go to waste

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Hey, @Colts, I think it would be great if you gave @Kaepernick7 a shot!! Not only is he still a great QB, it would send a great message to football fans and folks in general! Never can have enough QB's these days!! And God knows, he's earned a chance. #StillReady

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Colin Kaepernick recently showed the NFL that he’s #StillReady

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By kneeling, Colin Kaepernick let us do the work for him.

He didn't need to belabor the point, he just let us show ourselves.

He saw something ugly in us that we didn't and still don't want to see.

And he was right.


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The #NFL tweeting this shit as if they don't see the hypocrisy and the hundreds of people in the comments calling for justice for Colin Kaepernick.

#ImWithKap #StillWithKap #BringBackKap #TrueTo7 #StillReady #StopRunning

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” #MLKDay

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#stillready for what? Cause you certainly have never been ready for #NFL #PROFOOTBALL
Maybe you should have tried going hard 5 days a week when you had employment. Instead of hitting those knees hard!

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...and Colin Kaepernick is still being denied an opportunity, all because the #NFL and their owners continue to support Trump and his following.

#ImWithKap #BringBackKap #TrueTo7 #StillReady #StopRunning

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Lamar Jackson’s 48-yard scramble in the first half was the second longest touchdown run by a quarterback in the playoffs.

The longest? Colin Kaepernick had a 56-yard TD run in 2012.

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Lamar Jackson’s 48-yard rush TD was the 2nd-longest by a QB in a playoff game in NFL history

Only Colin Kaepernick had a longer rush TD (56 yards) in the 49ers 2012 Divisional Rd win vs the Packers

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The Cam experience didn't work out unfortunately. In fairness to him, the #Patriots signed him too late. Either way, they should have signed the healthier and more talented Colin Kaepernick anyway. #BringBackKap #TrueTo7 #StillReady #StopRunning

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Cam Newton and the Patriots are expected to part ways after this season, per @AdamSchefter.

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The #NFL has exhibited racism and bigotry for over 1400 days now.

Their "mission" to #InspireChange and #EndRacism has been completely disingenuous and negligent.

#ImWithKap #BringBackKap #BringBackEric #StillReady #StopRunning #TrueTo7 #2021year

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How many days has Colin Kaepernick been denied work in the NFL? We're counting.

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#MerryChristmas to everyone but those responsible for Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid's exile from the #NFL

#ImWithKap #ImWithEric #BringBackKap #BringBackEric #StillReady #StopRunning #TrueTo7

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How many days has Colin Kaepernick been denied work in the NFL? We're counting.

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@49ers @JohnLynch49ers @Kaepernick7 hmmmm… I know someone who is ready. I'd love to see him back on the field doing what he does and even better in gold and red!!! I'm ready to pull out the jersey again. #letsgo #manup #StillReady #StopRunning 🏈😙💪

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@Ravens @McSorley_IX That's dope! But now, you still need a QB. Time to sign Colin Kaepernick. #ImWithKap #BringBackKap #TrueTo7 #StillReady #StopRunning

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Geezus Matt Ryan is trash! Atlanta fans deserve better. @AtlantaFalcons your call to Colin Kaepernick is WAY past due.
#ImWithKap #BringBackKap #TrueTo7 #StillReady #StopRunning

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Is it time to have the starting Russell Gage over Matt Ryan conversation???

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We just need a team to lead by example. It’s coming. RT @Kaepernick7: 1,363 days of being denied employment.
Still putting in work with @E_Reid35
Still going hard 5 days a week.

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@SportsCenter In contrast, Kaepernick's last 12 games played, he threw 16 TDs and only 4 INTs on a less talented 49ers team. He also ran for 468 and two scores.

#BringBackKap @Eagles, your fans deserve better. He's #StillReady so #StopRunning.

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So the next time a hater says Colin Kaepernick isn't "good enough" feel free to show them this thread and tell them to 🖕🏾 off!

And in case the @nflcommish or any @NFL team in desperate need at QB, sees this #StopRunning

@Kaepernick7 is #StillReady

#BringBackKap #TrueTo7

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@Kaepernick7 @E_Reid35 Colin, you are our generation's Muhammad Ali 🥇
Your day will come.

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Watch “Colin Kaepernick Is #StillReady to Play in the NFL | NowThis” on YouTube

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Truly amazing but not surprising @Kaepernick7 isn't playing in @NFL. Hey @Giants you're terrible & could easily hire Kap. Any "fans" you think you'd lose would be outweighed by the amount of fans you'd gain. Hire the man! #StillReady

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Colin Kaepernick Is #StillReady to Play in the NFL | NowThis

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In 2017 we were told that Colin Kaepernick, who played QB his whole life and started in a Super Bowl, wasn't good enough to play QB in the NFL anymore.

Just watching Broncos vs Saints and thinking a lot about that.

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Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned. Just saying.

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Colin @Kaepernick7 is showing the NFL that he’s #StillReady

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1,363 days of being denied employment.
Still putting in work with @E_Reid35
Still going hard 5 days a week.

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