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We know what he’s done the first 3 seasons.

Is Cousins a top 3 QB in the NFC over the next 3 seasons?

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This went about as I expected #Skol

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Stafford first, next Rodgers, CLEARLY no one wants to compete against @KirkCousins8. #SKOL #Vikings

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Most #Vikings fans seem to believe that TE Kyle Rudolph will be a cap casualty this offseason. Earlier this week he told Ben Leber that a contract restructure "wasn’t happening." #NFL #Skol (h/t @WillRagatz)

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#PepsiROY @JJettas2
He’s the only choice, people! #skol

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Senior Bowl Top Tweets: Day 1

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#ThankYouAaron As a Viking fan, I despise the Packers and hope they always lose lol but I rooted for you guys this year because watching @PatMcAfeeShow and learned about you the person under the helmet. Until next season @AaronRodgers12 #Skol #Vikings #Packers

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Now that @TomBrady isn’t playing for Bill B, he’s a whole lot easier to like, 😅😆😂🤣🤡 #skol

Leonard Fournette responds to Tom Brady like a son to a father - ProFootballTalk

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.@RandyMoss with the great catch from Daunte before the half #skol #mut #madden21 #goat #HoF

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@AaronRodgers12 you’d look great in Purple! #skol

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@tanlshkamascara I saw that too. 🤣🤣🤣 league would be in trouble if they let this happen #Skol #BleedPurpleAndGold

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@HuskerExtraSip @foreman5644 My favorite of that era as well. #Skol

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We aren’t friends anymore 😑 #skol

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We are officially LIVE for Tuffy Talk Episode 3! Our guest for this interview is current @Vikings and former @PackFootball starting C @Gbradbury_11!

Thanks again to @Gbradbury_11! #Skol #GoPack

Please subscribe to our channel and like the video!

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#ThankYouAaron for coming onto the great @PatMcAfeeShow show and being pretty entertaining even though I am a Vikings fan. #skol

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One of the benefits of being a 43-year-old QB? The younger players will respond to you like a son responds to a father

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JJ puttin’ on tonight @ 7pm CT y’all.

Who watchin’? 👀 #Skol

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#ThankYouAaron for making a Vikings fan lose all his friends because the PMS showed me that Aaron is a decent human. #Skol

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Talks With Zygi Wilf And Mike Zimmer , Adam Says He Will Like To Retire As A Viking.. So He Here’s To Stay #skol

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@JJettas2 @pepsi Done 👍🏻 can’t wait for next season! #Skol

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@DomClare A trio of #1 WRs isn't the worst way to set up an offense. Moss/Carter/Reed immediately comes to mind. #SKOL

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To the generation who grew up shouting “KOBE” anytime they threw a piece a paper into the trash bin: Don’t stop doing it. Don’t let the tradition die. #MambaMentality #Kobe #Skol

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Ur skol @Diwan nevez ba' Landreger ?
Une nouvelle école Diwan à Tréguier ?
#Diwan #Skol #bzh

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#ThankYouAaron For completely destroying my loyalty to the Vikings. Why are you such a likeable guy?? #SKOL @PatMcAfeeShow @AaronRodgers12 @OfficialAJHawk @PMIMett @BaileyMcComas

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@johnjlazz @CarmenDeFalco @Jurko64 @Jeff_Meller Oh, and in 2018 with DeFillipo where MIN threw the ball over 60% of the time like DET usually does:
Kirk(8-7-1) Stafford(6-10)
70% Completion 66%
30-10 TD-INT 21-11
4298 Yards 3777
7.1 Y/A 6.8

#skol Go Chiefs!

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It’s crazy to think the Vikings have had the 2 greatest rookie WRs in NFL History.

Randy Moss.
Justin Jefferson.


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@dalvincook it’s day 75/365 since I’ve been tweeting you everyday! Hoping for a RT 🙏🏼Praying for your attention & maybe you’ll help me out with a signed 33 COOK jersey for my husbands 33rd bday & help me make 33 his best year yet! @Vikings #SKOL     #thankyou #chef #praying

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Perfect fit on the Vikings Theme Team😈 #Skol

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@Yfz84 King shit from @JJettas2! Man of the people! #PepsiROY #griddy #Skol

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Check it out #Vikings fans! We've teamed up with @Purple_Insider and @MatthewColler to give one lucky fan a JARED ALLEN signed jersey! Details below👇 #SKOL

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#PepsiROY + @JJettas2

thank you for hitting the griddy....needed this in the NFL🤠 #Skol

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Since Kirk Cousins joined the Vikings in 2018, here is a list of QBs with more Passing Yards and TDs than Cousins:

Patrick Mahomes
Aaron Rodgers
Tom Brady

[end list]

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.@JJettas2 put the league on notice in year one. ✈️

Tonight, he faces off against A.J. Brown in the ultimate highlight competition. @verzuzonline

Watch #NFLProBowlVerzuz TONIGHT 8pm ET on NFL social channels

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What is worse?

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Heyyyy everyone, cool thing here: Purple Insider pals @FanHQ have a giveaway we're doing: A Jared Allen signed jersey. All you have to do is retweet + follow @FanHQ and @Purple_Insider (if you already don't) ...that's it and you're entered to win

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