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We designed a carefully curated schedule on #RedMonday to offer exactly what the mind and body crave at specific times of the day, especially while we’re staying indoors. Which ones are you planning on joining on Monday? 😉
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#RedMonday – We’re turning Blue Monday RED with 6 live classes throughout the day, lead by your favourite instructors. Join in for 1 or 2! Available on and Facebook Live. See you there.
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Turning #BlueMonday into #RedMonday! Join me and @DWFitnessFirst LIVE on IG next Monday! We're kicking it off at 7am (UK time) with 2 hot & sweaty sessions! Interested? Get in touch! #staysafe #FitXPlayer #homeworkouts

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The beast of all Blue Mondays is coming and we've decided to turn it Red with #RedMonday. Because we need all the energy & the positive vibes these days!

Head over to to discover all things #RedMonday!
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Fantastic opportunity on Monday 18th for students to attend FREE Virtual Mental Health Workshops tailored to students @The_BigBrew @Zer0Suicide @talk_lpool @LivUni @edgehill @LiverpoolHopeUK @johnmooressu

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A free @LFCFoundation virtual event for students on Monday of tailored Mental Health Workshops #RedMonday

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Fantastic opportunity for students to attend FREE mental health workshops @AlderHey #RedMonday

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The team at @LFCFoundation is hosting a free virtual mental health workshop for students this Monday.

The sessions will help tackle issues of isolation, loneliness and wellbeing.

Sign up for one of the sessions at


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Love that the club are doing this! Hopefully much more to come for other age groups as well❤️ #LFC #LFCFoundation #RedMonday

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Calling all @johnmooressu students🗣

Get involved in @LFCFoundation #RedMonday free mental health event 👇

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Calling all students🗣

Get involved in our #RedMonday mental health event on Monday 18th Jan. It’s open to ALL students across the UK and there are three times to choose from.💪🏼🔴 #BlueMonday

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@LFCFoundation Are hosting several FREE workshops for students to share ideas of how to tackle poor mental health as part of their campaign to turn #BlueMonday into #RedMonday You’ll never TALK alone #mentalhealth

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Free event by the @LFCFoundation supporting students to talk about mental health and well-being! Please share #bluemonday #redmonday

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LFC Foundation's Student Mental Health Workshops 💭❤️

🔻Monday 18 Jan & 🆓 to book now:





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This Monday 18 Jan, we're hosting a FREE Virtual Mental Health Workshop tailored to students.🔴

🔻 increase your knowledge of MH
🔻Learn coping strategies
🔻How to support those around you

Book the Morning, Afternoon or Evening slot here:


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@Walrathis @lammert Helemaal met je eens. Ik geloof er niet in. Maak van #BlueMonday een #RedMonday, vol van liefde. Als we die nou eens #trending maken...

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How does it feel? Your Monday that is. Doesn’t feel very blue to me. It’s definitely a red day to me ... and no, the carpet does not match the drapes! My friends are assholes. Not a nice first question like “how are you?” Rubbish. #redMonday #ughHawaiiwe

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May The Highest Power in the Universe Help these Companies: #Twitter , #Facebook , #Google(Alphabet), #Apple , #Snapchat when the markets open Monday morning. Make them pay with your wallets #RedMonday, #fuckcensorship. All my stock funds are going into #Mstr #gbtc! Spreadtheword

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RED MONDAY #redmonday @ London, United Kingdom

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Wall St is about to catch Covid-19 tomorrow:: #RedMonday

Same wolves who bleed humanity are about to have a sick downfall tomorrow. @BillGates stay away from windows after seeing your portfolio #GideonssWord

I took this pic at Enat, this is the Mother of All Gurshas #MOAG

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@kirsty_berlin Das ist auch nicht meine Idee, sondern von einer Bookstagramerin auf Insta. Und offenbar gibt’s den #redmonday für alles mögliche - warum dann nicht auch für Bücher? 😊

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@papercuts1 Ich wusste bis jetzt noch nichts vom #redmonday, aber mein Bücherregal gibt ne Menge rotes Lesefutter her.

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Zum #redmonday mal eine rote Buch-Versammlung. Da sind mit Tolstoi, Sherlock und dem Gargoyle zufällig ein paar meiner Allerliebsten dabei. Was habt ihr denn für rote Leseschätze?

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Promoção #blackmonday #redmonday Livro A Culpa É Das Estrelas By Jhon Green
#ebook #leitura #moovin

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Mahomes Magic! 9-1!

#RedMonday #ChiefsKingdom

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📺: @SNFonNBC

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#BlackFriday, #redmonday oder #bluemittwoch. Das geht mir am Geldbeutel vorbei
SO, jetzt hab ich euch es gegeben ☝️

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Pronto sabréis por qué.
Arriba el #RedMonday

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Dünya Ekonomileri için büyük gün geldi çattı!
Dünyadaki Hisse Piyasalarında gerekli marji açtılar!
Balon yeterince şişti ve iğne 📌 (aşı) haberleri birbir geliyor...

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#RedMonday Del 16 al 18 de noviembre “Red Monday” en @MotardClass @AGVHelmets @dainese -

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