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@CBSSports @CBSSportsMLB 1 @mroctober 3 HR’s in the WS & 2 @stefondiggs @casekeenum #MinneapolisMiracle

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What if #SuperBowlLV includes a WR from Minneapolis (@T_muhneyy10) on one team and a WR who caught the #MinneapolisMiracle (@stefondiggs) on the other?

Kinda fun for Minnesota...since the #Vikings haven't been to the SuperBowl in more than 40 years!

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As a @Vikings fan who loved the @stefondiggs catch #MinneapolisMiracle ... I am sad now

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Tampa is far too physical and fast for Green Bay and Tom Brady and the gang will be the first to host a super bowl in NFL history

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Diggs. Sideline. Touchdown.

That 12th man block technique tho...

#MinneapolisMiracle #Skol @Vikings #Vikings

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Sean Payton chokes more than Kamala Harris. #BountyGate #MinneapolisMiracle @SeanPayton

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@GoodPeopleGPA After all the hardship of being a #Vikings fan. It's gotta be the #MinneapolisMiracle

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Remember when sorry ass @SeanPayton did the Skol chant early only for @stefondiggs to burn his defense for the #MinneapolisMiracle? Satisfying to say the least.

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It was truly miraculous around this time 3 years ago and I'm happy Diggs gets another shot at going to a SB... #MinneapolisMiracle #Diggs #Keenum #SuperBowl
#NFL #NFLPlayoffs #BUFvsKC #2tix2fantasy

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This seems to happen every year. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have a 5 - 6 record in the playoffs since 2011, and 5 of the 6 defeats came where the Saints were leading or tied in the 4thQ/OT. #MinneapolisMiracle #NoPassInterferenceRams #KirkCousinsBeatYou #AlexSmithBeatYou

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@stefondiggs what do you think about that opt out if there was a new QB1 in Minnesota? @Vikings #DreamTeam #MinneapolisMiracle #SKOL

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Have watched so many #MinneapolisMiracle videos and still get choked up. Granted it was all for nought, but still one hell of a game #Vikings

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Good for @stefondiggs man. I hope he takes it home this year. I’ll forever be a big fan of his after he gave me my favorite @vikings memory! #SKOL #MinneapolisMiracle #GoGetYours

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Look ill just say it, I am that bittersweet Viking fan. I am super happy for Diggs and the Bills to be doing well and seeing him specifically play well. I just wish he wouldnt have acted the way he did at the end in Minnesota though #Vikings #Diggs #Bills #MinneapolisMiracle

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Friendly reminder that the last time #stefondiggs was in a conference championship, it’s was because of the #MinneapolisMiracle and Nick Foles beat his ass 38-7

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Stefon Diggs: “He worked his A**... oops I mean his A-word off...”

The chemistry between him & Josh Allen is unmatched...

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@ChuckL1960 @youbunchofmarks @Super70sSports we will also always + forever have the #MinneapolisMiracle #skol every time I watch it, it gets better + better! one day, eh?

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Just got a reminder that it’s been 3 years since my restrained celebration of #MinneapolisMiracle.
Has to be good vibes for @stefondiggs and the @BuffaloBills

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As a Minnesota @Vikings fan I am wearing my @stefondiggs jersey cheering for the @BuffaloBills and the #MinneapolisMiracle man today! Let's go!!!!

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Lástima que no hemos tenido un momento así en un #SuperBowl

Aún así el #MinneapolisMiracle fue un momento único para los aficionados de los @Vikings #Skol

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Such fond goosebumps! The #MinneapolisMiracle

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@nflnetwork @NFLTotalAccess No way #Vikings #MinneapolisMiracle walk off is behind a #catch bad call or even the #tuckrule that didnt decide the outcome. Maybe behind the Steelers but that was 50yrs ago and most of us weren't around for it. Who makes these?

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Wasn’t a fan of the way @stefondiggs handled some of his business last year wearing purple but appreciate the #MinneapolisMiracle he helped provide the fan base and congrats on a big year. #skol

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@houstypoopoo 3 years ago *one of the worst* sports moments of my life happened #MinneapolisMiracle

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@A_kamara6 #NeverForget ha ha....ha ha...ha ha.... #MinneapolisMiracle

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@casekeenum Diggs gets a ton of the credit but I'll never forget! Damn what a dime!!! #MinneapolisMiracle

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.@stefondiggs thanks for the memories! Still the best day of my life! #MinneapolisMiracle #MinnesotaMiracle

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I need this injected into my body. @stefondiggs will forever be one of my favorite players of all-time #MinneapolisMiracle #SKOL

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I will never forget this play.


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Three years ago today, Vikings QB Case Keenum launched a pass down the right sideline to Stefon Diggs, who not only caught the ball, but took it in for a game-winning TD. The "Minneapolis Miracle." Is this the most memorable play in MN sports history?

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On this day 3 years ago: The Minneapolis Miracle. “Diggs. Sideline. Touchdown. UNBELIEVABLE! Vikings win it!”

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Where were you January 14, 2018?

The Minneapolis Miracle. @stefondiggs

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This is what it looks like when a lonely Vikings fan (me) watches #MinnesotaMiracle in a New England bar.
My most unique request for surveillance video (from Cherry Tree in W. Newton)
@JoeGiza @SullyBunz @STEVEBURTONWBZ @RochieWBZ @LevanReid

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