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He was real with Justine from the jump #LoveIslandUSA

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Place your orders, quickest turnaround I’ve came across, I’ll put any message and picture you desire #MaskUp

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@MyanaT20 @unpopularpolit4 It is but that’s what they want to believe. We know the truth. #Justice4Tre

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@youulovemaya I miss him everyday ❤️ #Justice4Tre

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Why my cousin that’s all I wanna know #Justice4Tre

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"It's confusing. It's a mystery”
Indy mother searches for answers after her 27yo son Dejuan Burruss- known as Tre- was murdered on a sidewalk on Indy’s west side.
Tonight police need help catching the killer. @cicrimestoppers

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@TristanLogue @da_dyno @ForeverBallista @EAMaddenNFL @KeyloTrill @TreWhite16 Show me where ANY of mentioned 2018 stats and tell me tre aint better than them in almost EVERY stat!! qbr allowed/catches in his zone/pass def..list goes on and on and on and on,.... #BillsMafia #Justice4Tre

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Gronk doesn’t deserve anything so this is fine!!!!! #justice4Tre

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Still hate that trash person Gronk. #justice4Tre

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I wish I knew every detail on who killed tre on my moma I'll get them 13k fuck dem ! #Justice4Tre

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This is equivalent to a Platinum album, 2 soul train awards and a Grammy.
#justice4Tre #fukdapolicesincerely...

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Tre being sent to dean for sharpening his pencil wow, sub is being dumb rn. #justice4tre

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I can't wIt till dJ trial date I'm in there 💯 #Justice4Tre

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Zimmerman is #guilty he shot and killed a child in the heart over minor bruises that could have came from trayvon self-defense. #Justice4Tre

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Hope Trayvon gets all the justice he deserves! #RIPTrayvon #Justice4Tre

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This trial crazy. Had to watch how they try to save this murderer. #Justice4Tre

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Zimmerman will get what he deserves, God sees everything! #Justice4Tray'von #Justice4TRE

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