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#Hyatt hotel supports liars #CPAC2021 500,000 #coviddeaths #Americans are dead because of #RepublicanParty #Florida #DomesticTerrorists #insurrectionists

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@FBI/@FBIWFO #MuellerReport #Obstruction #WitnessTampering #FalsifyingTestimony #Indict #TheFormerGuy #TrumpCrimeFamily #QPAC2021 #Insurrectionists #March4th!

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#Hyatt supports #DomesticTerrorists #insurrectionists & those who threatened #democracy & #America ! Trust we will not need to think twice before #booking somewhere else! #Travelers pay attention before making a reservation! #Taxpayers #Investors #conventions #Florida

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@Alyssa_Milano @Hyatt @tedcruz I had forgot about the Odal Rune being appropriated by the Nazi SS. Well, the Nazis in Europe fly the confederate flag because Nazi symbols are illegal. So it follows that the US #insurrectionists would use Nazi symbols in an attempt to be covert to the non #insurrectionists.

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@AliaGvR @joncoopertweets #insurrectionists don't know history. Only know there was some kind of riot in 1776 they want to emulate🤡🧐

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@BGreycat @Tinkerbellfern @harrylitman @nytimes Also the father and Paul Manafort both work for Event Services, the company that planned Trump's rally on #InsurrectionDay. I keep wondering if that is how the #insurrectionists got a map of the offices in the Capitol Building.

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“Trump is practically and morally responsible for inciting the attack on the Capitol “
You gave him a pass.
Willing to give him another one. Willing to endorse a twice impeached, riot inciting, insurrectionist traitor.

This IS @LeaderMcConnell


#ONEV1 Z29

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biggorilla cmnt," #GOP had no political platform 4 #Election2020 ; Still gained in down ballot candidates b/c #GOPGerrymandering -Big problem. & Now they're not fearful of being called #racist or #insurrectionists because of it." #BuildBackBetter

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@GOPLeader U still got s sense of humor I see. No soul, but a sense of humor for damn sure! #insurrectionists #GOPTraitors #GQP #GOPCowards #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPBetrayedAmerica

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The #republican party is trash.

#DomesticTerrorists #insurrectionists #WhiteSupremacists #CopKillers #BlueLivesDontMatterToGOP #THIEVES #GOPTaxScam

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The best thread that I know of from a true patriot who is tracking the investigationz and arrests of #Seditionists AKA #Insurrectionists...

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Omg these guys are morons.


Republicans sued over proxy voting in the pandemic. Now they're using it to speak at CPAC. via @Yahoo

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@RepSteel @RepBethVanDuyne @RepDonaldsPress @RepMalliotakis @RepMMM @RepBarryMoore @RepHarshbarger @RepMariaSalazar @RepHerrell @RepPfluger @RepSpartz You know, you’ve done this before-hijacking a bill claiming you can make it better but only delaying the relief that people needed yesterday. #Thenarrativeisold #insurrectionists

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For voting against the #insurrectionists? Not right

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“Just following orders” can be true and not a good defence. #insurrection #insurrectionists

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#Republicans, another name for #insurrectionists.

celebrating inciting an insurrection part of entitlement of white privilege.

#CPAC2021 is the dividing of #gop factions

time, patience AND popcorn, enjoy the #shitshow's implosion.

get popcorn ready

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Air National Guard veteran Brian Sicknick's assailant will be brought to justice. They will NOT get away with murder.

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@GOP As usual. Just complaints and ZERO solutions from the GQP/insurrection party. #shocked #GQP #insurrectionists

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@Jim_Jordan Go back to covering up the sexual abuse of wrestlers?


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Dumb! How are we going to know what to think if we aren’t glued to CNN/MSNBC? You need to be canceled. #insurrectionists

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They haven't gotten away with anything yet. The investigations are just getting started and the FBI is going for those that breached the Capitol. The Special Investigator will be going for the planners and instigators in good time. #insurrectionists

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@SenTedCruz Let me fix this for you:

The Republican Party is not the party of the country clubs, it’s the party of #WhiteSupremacy, #insurrectionists, #Hypocrisy, and #lies

You're welcome.

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The #TraitorsForTrump and the #Insurrectionists:
"Shut up Mike Lindell. I like it better when you just stick to making crappy pillows"

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@justinamash @dawn_macc The hypocrisy of these lying minions of the Mad King can not be overstated. Skipping work to attend Klan rallies should not be acceptable under any circumstance. @CPAC @GOP #Hypocrisy #insurrectionists

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So far, 300 people have been charged in the attack. The Justice Department has opened files on 542 people

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Put me in the yes column.

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Yesterday at CPAC, hosted by @Hyatt, Sen. Josh Hawley:

“On January the 6th, I objected during the Electoral College certification, maybe you heard about it."

In January, @Loews_Hotels canceled a fundraiser for Hawley, citing the Capitol riot. #CPAC2021

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Ben Sasse is about to be censured by the Nebraska GOP for his antagonistic stance toward Donald Trump — again. But he doesn't care

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Trump one year ago today on COVID: "It's going to disappear one day. It’s like a miracle - it will disappear."

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The “Trump-made-me-do-it” defense: Experts are skeptical about a strategy that some Donald Trump supporters charged with storming the U.S. Capitol are employing. At least one judge has already shot it down.

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LeBron just dunked on Zlatan

(🎥 @MEMEmoriesLast)

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ARRESTED: Scott Kevin Fairlamb, gym owner in Pompton NJ is charged with assaulting a federal officer and carrying a dangerous weapon among other charges. Shown here cursing in officers faces then shoves a federal officer 2/2

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Just so everyone is clear Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley got away with it.

Emboldened, they will go further next time.

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The FBI seemingly spent more time investigating a garage pull and Lady Gaga’s missing dogs than they did investigating 10 months of BLM looting, arson, and rioting. It’s almost like Jeff Zucker and Jussie Smollett are running the crown jewel of American law enforcement.

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Help the #FBI capture the rest of the individuals who took part in the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol. Visit if you have information regarding this participant. When you leave a tip, refer to photo 238.

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We are Remove Ron. The only organization dedicated to removing Ron DeSantis. We care about Florida, about America, and about our democracy. We needed to give CPAC the welcome the deserve. Help us continue:

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This banner is flying over CPAC right now for all to see. Ron DeSantis does not want you to retweet this. So retweet far and wide.

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Should a retired NYPD officer, now charged w/ beating an Officer w/ a metal pole @ the Capitol, if convicted, lose his pension?

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@Breaking911 @Acosta We all should just stop watching all news channels for awhile. It may calm down the world a fraction of a percent

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ARRESTED: Kelly Meggs, 52, from Dunnellon Florida is charged with aiding and abetting and conspiracy in a multi-defendent case against the OathKeepers. He was ordered to remain in jail without bond.

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New from me in Bellingcat today: Riley Williams, the woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop on January 6th, expressed pro-Nazi, accelerationist beliefs and heiled Hitler in an Atomwaffen-style video:

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