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@caseygraytx11 @Tara_Writer @RealBlueFalcon @WTFIOGuy @T_Giarratano @JackMurphyRGR Have you talked to @rlessswolekien aka @jrrswolekien lately?

The #goldcorp parolee who would be the easiest to lean on...

Who would he give up?

Does he have a venmo?

So many questions being answered

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@caseygraytx11 @Red_eyedjedi @Tara_Writer @RealBlueFalcon @WTFIOGuy @JackMurphyRGR Since they both have me blocked, maybe you could suggest they take their #GOLDCORP evidence directly to the media themselves instead of groveling in DMs to journos to do it for them.

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@caseygraytx11 @Tara_Writer @RealBlueFalcon @WTFIOGuy @T_Giarratano @caseygraytx11 the failed #goldcorp insurgent who thinks his service is a little more "equal" than everyone else's

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@Red_eyedjedi do you see the irony of comparing yourself to men like me? You were a “supporter” while we were “operators.” But tell us more about your exploits, we would all love to hear them. Especially the part of enablers “kicking doors!” 😂😂😂

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@Credible_Intel If #GOLDCORP is just a meme, where have I been going into work? Huh?

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@RealPointEElbo @Credible_Intel Now trying to play #GOLDCORP off as “just a meme” is quintessential #GOLDCORP

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@Credible_Intel I’m soooooo tempted to put #GOLDCORP in my LinkedIn now.

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This utter loon thinks he’s going to get Congressional Committees called because of an internet meme...


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@Tara_Writer @caseygraytx11 @WTFIOGuy They named their failed coup...
after a failed coup

@caseygraytx11 of #goldcorp named by Rhodesian Nick

Pure genius this group...

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@Tara_Writer @WTFIOGuy I too believe that it's reasonable for them to investigate why @caseygraytx11 may know who marked the possible location of the 3rd in line of succession before the largest #DomesticTerrorist attack since Oklahoma City

But @WTFIOGuy seem to NOT want to know about #goldcorp

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Cannot wait for the #GOLDCORP SME Mr. Stolen Valor to do a news interview about how he linked a joke to extremism.

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@caseygraytx11 @JimLaPorta @deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @AP @BeyondSOF @graywaiter @splcenter @RepPfluger @Jon_E_Arnold @NateBoyer37 @davidmweissman @MikePerryavatar BTW Casey... have you figured out yet that there is nothing you can tweet or podcast to stop the investigation that's coming about #goldcorp ?

YOUR peer group says so...

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@Snakeeater36 @caseygraytx11 @JimLaPorta @deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @T_Giarratano @AP @BeyondSOF @graywaiter @splcenter @RepPfluger Oh look
The anonymous account promoted the "most dangerous man..." by @nataliaantonova of @waraxandnatasha, weighs in

Do you have an opinion on the latest boogloony/ #goldcorp fashion?

Are you still using boogloo colloquially?

Still drinking claws for rhodesian nick?

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He still doesn't get that #GoldCorp was nothing more than a meme.


Let that sink in.

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When was someone going to tell me about the #GOLDCORP mines? Is this part of the retirement package?

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@critworld2020 @kwkouki @Boojahideen @Topcat1350 @jimsciutto @atzuniga @CrabbSaysTruth @thefreerifleman @DempMcgee #GOLDCORP is the finest worldwide... Other FIAT's don't come close.

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@T_Giarratano #GOLDCORP 92M's are the most discreet in the world.

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If stolen valor feels #GOLDCORP is part of the January 6th 2021 fiasco, why doesn't he himself go on Sky News (or any other news stations) like his wife did?

If your work is that solid, Mr. Dunlap, get yourself on the news and make it happen.

We'll be waiting 😊

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@JimLaPorta @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @caseygraytx11 @Red_eyedjedi @deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @AP @BeyondSOF @graywaiter @splcenter @RepPfluger Not sure how soon you joined this party, but just in case you weren’t aware...this has been going on for MONTHS.

This guy honestly believes he has singlehandedly uncovered a SUPER SECRET conspiracy to overthrow the gov’t on Twitter called #GOLDCORP....which is a MEME!

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@JimLaPorta @deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @AP @BeyondSOF @caseygraytx11 @graywaiter @splcenter If you did cover #goldcorp

I don't think you'd have courage to ask @RepPfluger about the tour he gave to @caseygraytx11 & @beyondsof given that goldcorp is on their resumes (not as a joke)

That would take a courage I don't see...

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@JimLaPorta @deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @AP There are 2 factors that you aren't considering... Jimbo

Even @jackmurphtrgr can see the writing on the wall with #goldcorp


You're on the same side that make comments about my wife's Parkinson's... she's also a veteran, NCO and Chinese linguist

That's YOUR peer group

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@JimLaPorta @deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @AP Oh.. so you're unblocking again


We're in agreement

You shouldn't be working on the #DomesticTerrorist group know as #goldcorp because of your ties to the white nationalist the creator SSG Guy aka Rhodesian Nick


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@deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @JimLaPorta @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @AP You see that @caseygraytx11 & @beyondsof been real quiet

@Terryschappert started tweeting again after he threw rhodesian nick under that bus, but I don't see him tweeting about #goldcorp and guns anymore

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@deoxyribozyme @WTFIOGuy @_Deadplate @JimLaPorta @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @AP Nope...
His name is in the FЖCKING article so I don't need to @ him

Jim came to my TL being an *sshole... kinda like you

He was also working on a story about a white nationalist group called #goldcorp using my data (not all of it is OSINT)

You'd know that if you scroll up

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I just don't think @jimlaporta would follow every OBVIOUS LEAD....
Like @caseygraytx11 and @beyondsof who were there both on the 5th & 6th

I just think he'd over look their meeting with. @AugustPfluger

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Why YES, @jimlaporta I agree!
I think that because of your ties to white nationalist SSG Guy aka Rhodesian Nick, you shouldn't be the one to cover the #DomesticTerrorist organization known as #goldcorp for @AP

I knew you'd get there eventually

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@WTFIOGuy @T_Giarratano @Snakeeater36 @JimLaPorta 🤔🤔

I see Jim hasn't done is story on #goldcorp

He LITERALLY said he was working on it....

Almost as if he fжcked up...

Like maybe @AP knows about his connection to #goldcorp founder Rhodesian Nick

Kinda quiet @jimlaporta

I DID say "watch this space"


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Back from the gig in DC. A big thanks to the Indiana and Pennsylvania NG muldoons for abandoning a few cases of goodies for me when they piled back onto the buses. These'll go right into the SHTF pantry. 👍🇺🇸😎

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@thevandeman11 @rainer_shea @goldcorp_pmc We here at #GOLDCORP thank you for your interest in our services.

Please contact our Contracting Dept. for the price scaling of various security packages.

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@thefreerifleman @Boojahideen @critworld2020 @Topcat1350 @RossiColton @jimsciutto @atzuniga @CrabbSaysTruth @DempMcgee No need to dispatch us. We’re already on our way. #GOLDCORP

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@critworld2020 @Topcat1350 @RossiColton @jimsciutto @atzuniga @CrabbSaysTruth @thefreerifleman @DempMcgee We are #GOLDCORP, we don’t need advertising.

We just get the job done.

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@critworld2020 @RossiColton @jimsciutto @atzuniga @CrabbSaysTruth @thefreerifleman @DempMcgee 🤣 thank you for bringing up #GOLDCORP.

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Help our Petition -Rejection of #newmont Community Agreement--@nytimes
#Sustainability #StockSplit #Earnings
@johnadofo #gold #MandA #NEWS #Canada #equities #Vancouver #goldcorp #newmont #denver @username_djc
@marketcapmedia @mininginjustice @_YLNM

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Help our community chiefs, youth and opinions leaders to reject @NewmontCorp Community agreements - #Minerals,

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Then they came for #GOLDCORP jokers, and I did not speak out—because I don't use inside jokes to recruit treason weasels.

Then they came for me — and I met them with a keg. We danced all night. It was sweet.

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@goldcorppm I’m glad the jobs are non-fiat, but the retirement is. #GOLDCORP is still sponsoring my gym membership, how cool is that?

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TFW #goldcorp boogloony accounts begin going dark due to federal contact:


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I made an impromptu stop by Congressman Pfluger’s office. He is doing a great job and wanted me to share this.

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