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Biden installing confidence around the world 🥴 Be sure to hit the right button when calling the nurse Joe, not the big red one! #Biden #trumpwon #DementiaJoe #fakepresident #ImpeachBiden

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So guys, when Shuffles the Orange isn't inaugurated on the 4th, what will the new "this time for sure!" date be?


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@POTUS Unsafe for the #SOTU ?!? Lmfao 😂🤣😂 #FakePresident

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Everyday at 11:00 PM ET, this happens at The White House. My definitive conclusion is that CGIJOE is not living there. @Unindoctrinate @maevalula @divulgacionfull @Wonderw21933511 @AlfonsoTempo33 #FakePresident #FakeBiden

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I am noticing this weekend on unhinged Twitter that people are obsessing over #CPAC calling it #QPAC, ranting that #Hyatt is supporting 'Nazis' - I guess when you can't face the fact that your #fakepresident is woefully inept this is all you've got. It's all fear & projection.

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@POTUS and every idiot who voted for him, the dead ones as well. #FraudElection #FakePresident

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The United States of Corruption - how leftists use corruption as standard operating procedure. By Mr Reagan 28 February 2021 (29'58") #UnitedStatesOfCorruption #FakePresident #UnPresident

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@DonaldJTrumpJr How the eff is this guy president!!! #fakepresident

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Frauds recognize Frauds- lmfao!
#ChinaJoe #FakePresident #ImpeachBidenNow @CNN @OANN @FoxNews @GOP @TomiLahren @fleccas

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Why they hid him in the basement all summer long 🤣.

Yeah, 80M votes.🤣🤣😪


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@catturd2 Soon they will invoke the 25th, and that Sleezbag VP will officially take the helm.

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Gasoline prices shooting up faster than a Biden vote at 2am.

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The Democrats are seriously trying to say it's not safe for Joe Biden to deliver a State of the Union Address?

President Trump was the first sitting President to step foot into North Korea, an extreme act of bravery, but Joe Biden isn't willing to speak to the American people?

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@Bran_American You got that right. That's why he's surrounded himself with fences and razor wire. He's a #FakePresident.

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What’s everyone’s thoughts on the fact that Biden has NOT given the State of the Union Address ??

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NEW - Biden’s admin now wants to charge reporters $170 for a #COVID19 test every time they come to the White House. This would effectively prohibit smaller media outlets from covering the WH.

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Has anyone ever heard of a biden train? I have heard of a trump train but not a biden one....

Yet he is supposed to be the most popular president ever 😂😂😂


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Omg this is reaaaally bad, it’s almost sad how bad he’s struggling😧 #MustWatch

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