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#ClimateAvengers: Assemble!

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To avoid 1.5C of climate change we need to reduce emissions by 15% per year or 3.75% per quarter. How was last quarter? How are we doing this quarter?

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LOL - this is amazing. Must See #ClimateAvengers TV!

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@jjacobs22 @joinClubhouse Ah yes, climate indulgences. You might want to have the founders of Cheat Neutral on. They figured out how to offset cheating in marriages. Terrific business and so many saved relationships. 😂

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Hanging out & testing @Twitter Spaces! Love Clubhouse and hope Twitter can bring Spaces out of Beta soon.

I would love to host #ClimateAvengers weekly show on #EnergyTwitter instead.

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Seems like every corporation/government will need these three big buckets of climate software to form their ECOS (enterprise climate OS): climate footprint, climate risk, impact (change in human well-being). I just invested in the first and actively exploring 2 and 3.

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@jjacobs22 @mcjpod @joinClubhouse Haha - trying to buy more time to get up to speed on #Bitcoin and #Climate?

No, actually our weekly show is Thursdays at 5pm PT but I have a conflict this week so your time slot and topic works PUUURRRRRFEEECTT!

Onwards #ClimateAvengers

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Hey #ClimateAvengers!

This week we’re gonna move our gathering to Wednesday and join in with @jjacobs22 and the @mcjpod Live show to talk about #Bitcoin & #Climate impact.

Join us Wednesday, Feb 24th at 6pm Pacific Time on @joinClubhouse! DM for invite

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Congrats! Our team over at are all a big fan of @Generac and our customers & installers are raving about the product performance.


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Y’all, my 75 year old dad just went solar with battery back-up in deep red Pennsylvania. He’s already fully electric. There is hope! #prouddaughter #ActOnClimate

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Reminder! #ClimateAvengers Weekly Show Starting at 5pm PT! Join us on Clubhouse - details below!

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Reminder! #ClimateAvengers Weekly Show Starting at 5pm PT! Join us on Clubhouse - details below!

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Hey #ClimateAvengers & #EnergyTwitter allies! Join me next week at this virtual event along with @dwmcphail, @Uplight, along with utility leaders from @ConsumrsEnrgyMI, @XcelEnergyMN, @ComEd, @DTE_Energy, @GreatPlainsInst, @ELPCenter, @HoosierEnergy, and many more

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Hey #ClimateAvengers: @SEPAPower GridEvolution Midwest Preview w/ @bjhanneg, @mediumpauly, @cmetelitsa, @kevindstevens, @nicomeo, @energysmartohio, @TimMLatimer, @JohnJTough, @jm_crowd, @ChadProjDev, & @dcjams. Thurs, Feb 18 at 5:00 PM PT on @joinclubhouse

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@duncan__c @energysmartohio I think one difference is Nate wants everyone to start forming questions in the affirmative. No more "ifs" i.e. "In 10 years the grid WILL be heating Texas, this is going to be a great moment to understand what must be done."

As my son would say "Let's Goooo!"

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Hey #ClimateAvengers:

Trying to make sense of the mad rush of SPAC activity in #ClimateTech?

Highly recommend you follow along with @kevindstevens, the newest Principal @EnergizeVc

3 SPAC Trends Worth Watching

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Hey #ClimateAvengers! This week we’re gonna jump in with @kevindstevens & @JohnJTough for a session of Power Down Live on @joinClubhouse!

We’ll chat mid-continent weather patterns and “cleantech 2.0”. Join us Thursday 6:15p PT!

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Climate Avengers Assemble! Help the Avengers fight for climate justice! Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!

#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #ClimateAvengers #ClimateJustice

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#ClimateAvengers is finally happening! I've been waiting years to see a bunch of Avengers actors team up for real-life #ClimateJustice work. This is so much bigger than I expected. Time for @POTUS @JoeBiden & @VP @KamalaHarris do the right thing. #StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL

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@jeremyhofmann5 @MarkRuffalo @POTUS @JoeBiden You might be interested in @WorldWarZeroOrg (please do not let the weird name bother you) and @fp_coalition

They started joining forces with @RobertDowneyJr for their #ClimateAvengers Initiative maybe @MarkRuffalo will join later.

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Proud to join up with the Avengers IRL, many amazing artists, & activists to #StandWithStandingRock & call on @POTUS @JoeBiden & @VP @KamalaHarris to shut down the illegal Dakota Access pipeline. It's time for #ClimateJustice. This is our moment! #NoDAPL

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Here’s this week’s @joinClubhouse #ClimateAvengers hangout invite link. Thursday 6pm PT talking SPACs for EV companies.

And I’ve got two new invites if you still need one DM me your mobile number, iPhone only.

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@JohnKerry #ClimateCrisis
John Kerry: The way I cure jetlag, while flying on my private jet is by taking an ambien and listening to my own speeches on my iPad. #climateavengers

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Here’s your weekly invite to join #ClimateAvengers gang on Clubhouse every Thurs 5-7p PT.

Tonight we’ll discuss the wave of SPACs for EV infrastructure incl @ChargePointnet, @evgonetwork, @BlinkCharging , @evbox, @NuvveCorp, & @Proterra_Inc.

Join us!

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🚨BREAKING🚨 Join SEPA for #GridEvolutionMW! Build your regional network & get valuable insights into the energy industry topics that matter to Midwesterners, including:

✔️Rate design
✔️The Midwest Energy Transition

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You love to see it!

Congrats on the first few #ClimateTech investments @RobertDowneyJr

One of the original #ClimateAvengers

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Robert Downey Jr. is launching a rolling fund:

via @jshieber

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@leepnet Agreed. Love to have you join #ClimateAvengers tonight at 5-7p PT for a SPACs for EV infrastructure debate.

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If you’re following along with this thread, add our next #ClimateAvengers hangout to your calendar Thursdays 5-7p PT!

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We’ve got our next “ #ClimateAvengers” hangout with @ryanshearmanNYC, @birsic, @Ryan_M_Park, @kevindstevens, @iamAlexMitchell, @TimMLatimer, @GrantCanary, @adamgerza, @jm_crowd & more next Thursday, Jan 28 at 5:00 PM PST on @joinclubhouse.

Join us!

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We’re live on @joinClubhouse with our first #ClimateAvengers hang out and having a blast!

Join us if you’re on the app or request an invite from someone who is. #EnergyTwitter

RT to spread the word!

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@WorldWarZeroOrg @fp_coalition @RobertDowneyJr @JohnKerry This is an illuminating conversion, and a hopeful one. Beautiful effort. Thank you so much for this. #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange
@EdMarkey @AOC @RepSwalwell @RepKathleenRice @DebHaalandNM @PeteButtigieg @JeffFlake @Liz_Cheney @RepDustyJohnson @ASP @MarkRuffalo @ChrisEvans

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Love these two superheroes ❤️ Check out this awesome conversation between @fp_coalition founder @RobertDowneyJr (aka Iron Man) and former Secretary of State @JohnKerry on what America can do to galvanize global #ClimateAction 🌎 #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange

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A real life Tony Stark, my friend @RobertDowneyJr is committed to saving our planet. Except in this case, it’s climate change, and not Thanos, wreaking havoc on Earth. Hope you enjoy our conversation: #ClimateAvengers #WorldWarZero #UniteForChange

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👇This! Yep! #WorldWarZero This is the PATH we need to get back on! Robert Downey Jr interviews Secretary John Kerry! #ClimateAvengers #ClimateAction #UniteForChange
tRump and his MAGA supporters shit on our climate.. Now lets get to work!

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World Premiere! @fp_coalition founder @RobertDowneyJr (aka Iron Man) interviews @JohnKerry on what America can do to galvanize global #ClimateAction. Watch it here ➡️ #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange

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