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@JannahHayah Love ❤ always overcomes the hate.
#bethelightinthedarkness #BeKind

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Thank you to Audio Urban Productions for showcasing our Campaign day video on our building.
@COREJQAcademy @EchoEternal112 #zigishipper #bethelightinthedarkness

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Poetry Competition Winners!

To commemorate the #HolocaustMemorialDay, we ran a competition for all students to finish Leon’s Poem

#Leon110 #HMD2021 #BetheLightintheDarkness #LightTheDarkness

Read all about it 👇

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It was wonderful to take part and sing in this. Learned a song in Yiddish to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 💜 #HolocaustMemorialDay #bethelightinthedarkness #HMD2021

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Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
-Mahatma Gandhi
#bethelightinthedarkness #bebold #behumble #bekind

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Be the light, set the example, stand strong! #bethelightinthedarkness @ Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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My Father George & Uncle Peter interviewed by the @SussexUni

Listen to their story & watch out for other exciting news soon.
#HolocaustMemorialDay has only been with us since 2001 but Auschwitz was liberated 75yrs ago.
Please RT.

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Such an important & valuable internal opportunity, marking #HMD2021, underway.
Prof Yehuda Bauer today joins Centre colleagues for a professional development seminar as we reflect & learn together. #Bethelightinthedarkness

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Today the Centre will be marking #HMD2021 with an internal reflection & professional development seminar with Professor Yehuda Bauer.

ICYMI: check out last summer's Centre public webinar where Bauer discussed Holocaust distortion

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Was honoured to sing on this project as part of The Great British Home Chorus Friends, for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021. (Learning Yiddish was a whole new experience!). #GBHCF #HMD2021 #bethelightinthedarkness

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Be observant and see who around you needs a prayer or a word of encouragement each day. #bethelightinthedarkness

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Mai més. Treballem la memòria històrica. E.S.O. Activitats de la setmana dedicada al Dia de l'Holocaust. #HolocaustMaiMés




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La nostra escola vol ser llum en mig de la foscor. E.S.O. Activitats de la setmana dedicada al Dia de l'Holocaust. #HolocaustMaiMés
#buchenwald @FETeresiana @TeresesVilanova

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Educació Secundària. Projecte Buchenwald. Activitat de reflexió i memòria. Prevenció del feixisme. #HolocaustMaiMés
#buchenwald @TeresesVilanova
@DeBuchenwald @FETeresiana @xaviraventos

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When your mind perceives darkness, your heart knows it is the Light 💖

#iamgrateful #positivity #loveoneanother #loveyourself #community #whattheworldneedsnow #selflove #bethelightinthedarkness #bethechange #happiness #practicegratitude #kindnessmatters #lovenotfe

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Gillian Mawdsley reflects on role of lawyers and others in the Holocaust

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Αν τα ζώα είχαν φωνή η ανθρωπότητα θα έκλαιγε από ντροπή... #storytelling #respectallkinds #bethechange #humanity #animalrights #makeworldabetterplace #bethelightinthedarkness #brightfight

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Shine down on me God #sunriselover #sunrise #innerpeace #brighterdaysahead #gratefulheart #bethelightinthedarkness @ Austin, Texas

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Our school challenge this week.
Send photos of your stone to challenge@scrchs.com.

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@ChristinaSNP Whether it's Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes or @DrMayaAngelou look for the helpers; be the rainbow in someone else's cloud. Be brave. Be you. Be free #BeTheLightInTheDarkness

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💬 @MiquelPueyo: “Tots tenim el deure moral, cívic i polític de mantenir encesa la torxa del record, per això som aquí avui i continuarem venint els propers anys".


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🕯️Avui, durant la commemoració del Dia Internacional en memòria de les víctimes de l’Holocaust, hem pogut escoltar les veus dels col·lectius que el nazisme va silenciar i executar.

✊🏽Només la memòria ens permetrà passar la seva veu a noves generacions. #BetheLightintheDarkness

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Cloenda del Dia en #Memoria de les víctimes de l' #HolocaustMemorialDay amb la pel·lícula d'animació JOSEP al @cafedelteatre amb la presentació de l'il·lustrador JM Cazares. Gràcies per la vostra presència.
#HMD2021 #BetheLightintheDarkness

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Watched this on @BBCNWT - so touching. #BeTheLightInTheDarkness. Let us never forget. #HolocaustMemorialDay

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It was Holocaust Memorial Day this week and this year's theme was Be the Light in the Darkness. That's just what a family from Chester were to Harry Kessler and his Jewish parents during the Second World War. This is his story. ⬇️

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Don't worry if you aren't ready. We'll be having an ethics lesson on Thursday to finalise everything. #bethelightinthedarkness

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Eek--the gift edition of my inaugural poem will have a foreword by the incomparable @oprah ! I’ve gotten so many requests for the poem’s text, & I’m so grateful that I can gift it to the world in a new way.✨✨ @penguinrandom

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Continuen els actes de commemoració del Dia Internacional en Memòria de les Víctimes de l’Holocaust, amb el passi de “Josep” al @cafedelteatre fent memòria de l’exili republicà de 1939 #HMD2021 #BeTheLightInTheDarkness

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Representant @DiputacioLleida en la Commemoració del Dia Internacional en memòria de les víctimes de l’Holocaust.
Recordar persones amb somnis,il•lusions i projectes vitals truncats per la barbàrie de l’ #Holocaust, per aprendre i no tornar a permetre.

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És un dels deportats de Lleida que té una #Stolpersteine davant de la casa on va viure, al c/ Democràcia número 11.

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Many thanks to all @theSNP affiliated groups for such a powerful @HMD_UK event this afternoon #BetheLightintheDarkness

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Incredibly powerful @HMD_UK event organised by @SNPStudents hearing from Henry Wuga & Judith Rosenberg reminding us all how fascism, racism & discrimination can lead to the most horrific outcome. Wise words from @kirstenoswald #BetheLightintheDarkness #LookAndDontForget

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Attending Holocaust Memorial event organised by Affiliate groups of @theSNP including @SNP_dmg @OutForIndy @SNPStudents @YSINational @SNPBAME "all people are equal" part of a powerful recollection from survivors recounted by @kirstenoswald "We need to recognise how it happened"

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