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How to Support @Jeopardy! Fans Lobbying for Permanent #AlexTrebek Memorial. Sign the #petition to @SonyPictures

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Really been loving @KenJennings as the host of #Jeopardy if we can't have #AlexTrebek .

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@KenJennings absolutely needs to be the permanent host of @Jeopardy - he’s doing #AlexTrebek proud!

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Imo no one can replace #alextrebek it's not the same.

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@Jeopardy missing #alextrebek but have to say. #BravoKenJennings you’re doing a great job!

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@BonksMullet Remember to answer in the form of a question #AlexTrebek

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Reading an article about @Jeopardy and here I go again. I’m gonna stop crying over #AlexTrebek soon I promise. Why am I like this?!?!? 😢😢

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The #wjhc2021 and the final week of #AlexTrebek on @Jeopardy were the top draws in English Canada TV ratings the week of Jan. 4-10 according to #Numeris. A closer look at the numbers here:

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Our adult & teen winter #reading program has begun, so why not #read a #NYTimes #besteller like "The Answer Is," by the late #AlexTrebek? Call 574-967-3912/email floralib@flora.lib.in.us to get #books through #curbsidepickup! Sign up for the program at .

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How Stupid of Katie to demand “how are we going to really almost deprogram these people [74million]who have signed up for the cult of Trump”. Ha! She’s destroyed her news image. And #Jeopardy will crash & burn if #KatieCouric replaces #AlexTrebek!

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Classic concentration
Acid Rain

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How to Support #Jeopardy! Fans Lobbying for Permanent #AlexTrebek Memorial

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My column for the @WKTimes: What a lifetime of trivia and 7 weeks of @Jeopardy! in the spring of 2020 did to help bridge a cultural divide between father and daughter. #AlexTrebek #Jeopardy @KenJennings #STL

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Would you like to be the leader of our cult? Its called @Jeopardy and to pay homage to the late and irreplaceable #AlexTrebek I would love to see you on that stage @neiltyson

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Evidence you might be in a Cult:

Your group has one leader - usually male. You revere this leader, and do what he tells you. Your group has the answers while nobody else does. And you actively deny that your group is a Cult.

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@Jeopardy I can not believe you condone the speech of @katiecouric. #AlexTrebek would never speak out against a group. As a Trump voter, I do not need #reprogrammed. I do not support the violence at the #CapitalRiots. This way of thinking by your guest host is disgusting.

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#AlexTrebek is among the entertainment figures who will be honoured at Trump’s Garden of American Heroes monument

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Via @Variety #WaltDisney, #WhitneyHouston, #AlexTrebek and Others Added to Trump’s ‘Garden of American Heroes’ Monument

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@CTVNews Oh the irony. For sure Mr. Trebek was very special to many people (+me) for his intelligence, wit, warmth + gentlemanliness. While he may have become an American citizen, he was staunchly Canadian (eh): at least 1 if not 2 questions per show were re Canada @CTVNews #AlexTrebek

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Someone like #Trump does not deserve to honour a #Canadian. Let alone a national icon like #AlexTrebek

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Alex Trebek to be honoured in Trump's planned garden of 'American heroes'

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#alextrebek #jeopardy #triviaknowledge #KenJennings -- 🤟🙏☯️☮💖 please allow the Legacy Of Alex Trebek live on, amongst those who srtive to know *MORE* - shameless plug here for @BillNye & @NielDeGrase -- the 'science' of "trivial knowledge" knows no boundary

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I don’t like hearing someone else’s voice reading the clues 🙁. #alextrebek #jeopardy

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Canadian Alex Trebek Will Be Honoured In Trump’s ‘American Heroes’ Statue Garden

Trump just wants a place to put a statue of himself.

#trump #AlexTrebek #statue

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Getting used to watching @Jeopardy without #AlexTrebek 😀 @KenJennings is a lot of fun #Jeopardy 👍😎

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He’s no #AlexTrebek but #KenJennings would be fine for #Jeopardy

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#KenJennings has proven himself to be the best replacement for #AlexTrebek. I hope the higher ups at @Jeopardy keep him.

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Happiness is hearing Alex Trebek explain Donkey Kong. #Nintendo #alextrebek #DonkeyKong #videogames

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You’re doing a really, really fine job, @KenJennings 👍🏽 Thanks for keeping @Jeopardy morale up!
PS, what do you note w/ the pencil?! I always wondered what #AlexTrebek was writing during the show...

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Watching @Jeopardy for the first time since #AlexTrebek’S passing. @KenJennings doing a fantastic job, but there’s a void that possibly no one will be able to fill 😔

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Does Ken Jennings say: "thank you Alex", at the end of the show??? #jeooardy #AlexTrebek

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@KenJennings My husband and I miss #AlexTrebek but you’re doing a wonderful job! 👏🏻🤓

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Watching @Jeopardy for the first time since #AlexTrebek passed away and I have to say I truly think @KenJennings is truly doing a wonderful job. I think Alex would definitely approve. ❤️👍

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I miss #AlexTrebek but @KenJennings is doing a great job on #Jeopardy

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It's weird not seeing #AlexTrebek hosting #Jeopardy anymore

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Class and grace. I love this. #RIP #alextrebek He was the best.

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Need to tell someone they're wrong? Here ya go. #Jeopardy

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